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Here you'll find insider perspectives from thought leaders in the health care industry on the most important issues and events of the day. For DOTmed HCB News, Voices is a place where candid opinions take the form of interviews, contributed content, and our company president's ongoing Jacobus Report.
You’ve applied for BPCI-Advanced... now what?
A conversation with Navigant's managing director, Donna Cameron, and associate director, Dr. Nicole Fetter
This doctor's never in, and that's a good thing
How a Washington, DC doctor is bringing back house calls
FDA report on ISO and in-house - my opinion
The Jacobus Report
Q&A with Dr. James Whitfill, incoming chair of SIIM
The imaging informatics expert on the upcoming meeting and the ongoing convergence of imaging and IT
Radiology’s role in quality metrics and value-based care
Insights from Dr. Gregory N. Nicola FACR, executive leadership, Hackensack Radiology Group
Q&A with Paul S. Hochenberg, executive director for MidHudson Regional
Discussing the rich history of his hospital and how bringing together the right people has been the facility's greatest asset
Are you proud of your marketing?
The Jacobus Report
Q&A with Robert Jensen, President and CEO of AAMI
A candid discussion about his first year at the helm of the AAMI, what to expect at the annual meeting and what his priorities are as he embarks on another year
The future of infusion systems: simplicity, interoperability, and security
Insights from George Gray, CTO and VP of research and development for Ivenix
What's happening with healthcare?
The Jacobus Report
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