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Here you'll find insider perspectives from thought leaders in the health care industry on the most important issues and events of the day. For DOTmed HCB News, Voices is a place where candid opinions take the form of interviews, contributed content, and our company president's ongoing Jacobus Report.
Q&A with Paul Nagy, Chair of SIIM
SIIM chair discusses initiatives for the organization
Q&A with Robert Jensen, AAMI’s new President and CEO, the first 100 days
AAMI leader outlines his first 100 days
Device security will be the focus at AAMI 2017 in Austin
Here's what to expect from Kevin Fu's conference presentation
Laser Focused: How misleading OEM practices make me support third-party FDA registration
Scott Carson's ongoing look at the laser aesthetics industry and leadership best practices
The lessons of March Madness and evidence-based medicine
Last year's information will deliver ineffective strategies
Informatics: Is it health care’s ‘Moneyball?’
Effectively managing data is the key to using it in a meaningful way
My predictions after the IAMERS meeting
The Jacobus Report
Four ways data can enhance care delivery for seniors
Analytics is changing everything
The future of imaging equipment service contracts
Donal Teahan, senior director of practice development in the radiology department at NYU Langone Medical Center, discusses 'uptime contracts'
Banks, hospitals & James Comey
The Jacobus Report
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