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1x Dentsply / Gendex GX770 Intraoral X-Ray
S/N: 770-16054740P
DOM: 4/2003
Pallet NOT Included
Est Dimensions: 48x40x16
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Lot #134


SIEMENS 09722067 Remote Control w/ Base Rad/Fluoro Room

1x Siemens Remote Control w/ Base
MN#: 09722067
S/N: 3506
Came From A Working System
Est Dimensions: 13x5x4
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Lot #135


GE 2220170 Rev 0 QAP Phantom w/ Carrier Rad Room

1x GE QAP Phantom w/ Carrier in Case
MN#: 2220170 Rev 0
S/N: 051806-36
DOM: 5/2006
Carrier Info:
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Lot #136


PHILIPS 9890 010 87393 Elva Exam Monitor Rad Room

1x Philips Elva Exam Control Advanced Monitor for Digital Rad Room
MN#: 9890 010 87393
S/N: 143123016
Includes Power Cords, Keyboard, Mouse, Remote
Est Dimensions: 16x18x19
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Lot #137


VARIAN TM60920002 Console Rad Room

1x Varian Console
MN#: TM60920002
S/N: 77N0228
DONM: 11/2006
Est Dimensions: 12x18x6
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Lot #138


AGFA 11.1V Type 249Mah Detector Li-Ion Battery Packs / Charger

1x Agfa Detector Li-Ion Battery Packs w/ Charger
11.1V Type 249Mah
Est Dimensions: 9x4x9
Powers On: Yes
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Lot #141


CANON CXDI-701C Wireless Detector w/ Accessories

1x Canon Wireless Detector w/ 2x Batteries, Charger and AC Adapter
MN#: CXDI-701C
S/N: 113565
DOM: 6/2020
Est Dimensions: 15x18x9
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Lot #142


PHILIPS 62155967 Rev B Detector + Base

1x Philips Detector + Base
PN#: 62155967 Rev B
S/N: 143663
DOM: 9/2014
Est Dimensions: 8x21x19
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Lot #148


PHILIPS 9890-010-87431 X-Ray Glass

1x Philips X-Ray Glass
MN#: 9890-010-87431
S/N: 14001472
DOMN: 7/2014
Est Dimensions: 33x44x78
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Lot #149


PHILIPS 989600206503 Image Biplane Controller

1x Philips Image Biplane Controller
MN#: 989600206503
S/N: 1867
Came From Working System
Est Dimensions
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Lot #150


PHILIPS Optimus 9890 000 02403 X-Ray Control Panel

1x Philips Optimus X-Ray Control Panel
MN#: 9890 000 02403
S/N: 99 01 0892
DOM: 11/1999
Came From Working System
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Lot #151


SIEMENS Various Angio Tube and Collimator

1x Siemens Angio Tube and Collimator
MN#s: Megalix Cat Plus 125/20/40/80, Angio P Rot
S/Ns: 6844482171, 6086
Pallet NOT Included
Est Dimensions: 23x31x21
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Lot #153


SIEMENS Various Tube and Collimator

1x Siemens X-Ray Tube and Collimator
MN#s: SV150/33/78R-S, AL0411-D
S/Ns: 787062181, (21) 17111
DOMs: 2/2021
Pallet NOT Included
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Lot #154


X-Ray Lead Door

1x X-Ray Lead Door
Pallet NOT Included
Est Dimensions: 38x85x4
Used Cosmetic Condition: Good
Total # of Pieces: 1
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Lot #157


GTR LABS P400 Patriarch X-Ray Generator

1x GTR Labs Patriarch High Frequency X-Ray Generator
MN#: P400
DOM: 2009
Pallet NOT Included
Est Dimensions: 15x27x50
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Lot #158