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PARKS MEDICAL 1050-C Doppler Waveform Analyzer

1x Parks Medical 1050-C Vascular Mini-Lab
Includes PPG Sensor
S/N: 105X-000001018
DOM: 12/05
Est Dimensions: 9x17x9
Powers On: Unable To Test, Needs Special Power Cord
Power Cord Included: No
Used Cosmetic Condition: Good
Total # of Pieces: 2

MPN: 1050-C

Lot #113


IMEX Imexlab 9100 Modular Vascular Lab

1x IMEX Imexlab 9100 Doppler System, MN#: 0557
1x ESP 5 MHz Doppler
1x ESP 8 MHz Doppler
1x Remote
1x IMEX Segmental Cuff Selector, MN#: XM-X008, S/N: SA0850
3x Nicolet 10cm Cuffs
2x IMEX Thigh Cuffs, 12cm

Est Dimensions: 18x18x18
Powers On: No
Power Cord Included: Yes

Lot #114


IMEXLAB 9100 Modular Vascular Lab

1x Imexlab 9100 Doppler System, S/N: MG-0589
1x HP Deskjet 612C Printer, MN#: C6451A, S/N: MX06M130SD, DOM: 06/2000
1x 5 MHz Doppler
1x 8 MHz Doppler
2x Imex Remotes
1x IMEX Segmental Cuff Selector, MN#: XM-X008
S/N: 5A1A546 (Cracked Case)
1x IMEX Thigh Cuff 12cm
1x Nicolet 10cm Cuff
2x Hokanson TMC-7 Cuff
1x Hokanson SC-10 Cuff

Lot #115


NICOLET VIASYS Vasoguard Modular Vascular Lab

1x Nicolet Viasys Vasoguard Modular Vascular Lab
2x Viasys Thigh Cuff- 17cm
5x Viasys Thigh Cuff- 12cm
1x Viasys Thigh Cuff-Long 12cm
3x Nicolet- Arm, Ankle, Calf Cuff- 10cm
1x Viasys Module, MN#: P84/SA/16-3-V1.02, S/N: 070613
1X Cherry Keyboard, MN#: ML4400, S/N: C 051307 T01
1x NEC MultiSync cLCD 197ONX Monitor, S/N: 6ZE01779YA
1x Viasys Vasoguard Module, MN#: XLV006, S/N: P84/070613
1x 4 MHz Doppler
1x 8 MHz Doppler

Lot #116


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