ADAC/PHILIPS Nuclear Gamma Camera For Sale and Wanted

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ADAC/PHILIPS CardioMD Series III Nuclear Gamma Camera For Sale

The CARDIO MD is a digital nuclear gamma camera with fixed 90º Dual rectangular detectors. Cardiac SPECT acquisition is performed with a dedicated acquisition interface. The patient imaging table... view more

July 19  

ADAC/PHILIPS CardioMD Nuclear Gamma Camera For Sale

Reconditioned Philips CardioMD Nuclear Medicine Camera: Two Rectangular Digital Detectors 24 High-resolution Photo-multiplier Tubes Per Head SPECT Imaging Table Jetstream Workstation OR... view more

July 19  

ADAC/PHILIPS Forte nuclear medicine camera Nuclear Gamma Camera For Sale

Phillips’ Forte nuclear medicine camera dual head Adac forte 2002 contact for more info... view more

July 12  
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Nuclear Gamma Camera

A nuclear gamma camera is a medical imaging device used to detect and measure gamma radiation emitted from a patient's body. The gamma camera is used to diagnose medical conditions such as cancer, heart disease, and other diseases. It is also used to monitor the effectiveness of treatments.

The nuclear gamma camera consists of a gamma camera head, a computer, and a monitor. The gamma camera head contains a gamma ray detector and a collimator. The gamma detector is used to detect the gamma rays emitted from the patient's body, while the collimator is used to focus the gamma rays. The computer processes the data from the gamma camera head and produces images for the monitor.

The price range for a nuclear gamma camera varies depending on the manufacturer and model. Most nuclear gamma cameras range from $50,000 to $500,000. Major manufacturers of nuclear gamma cameras include Siemens, GE Healthcare, and Philips. These manufacturers produce a variety of models with different features and capabilities.