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SIEMENS Rad/Fluoro Room For Sale and Wanted

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SIEMENS Luminos RF Classic Rad/Fluoro Room For Sale

Quality tested part, Excellent PRICE,Worldwide quick delivery, Reliability,... view more

February 25  
Rami Marom / MediRam Europe
phone: +33 0769874253

SIEMENS Axiom Luminos TF Rad/Fluoro Room For Sale

System is operational and under Siemens service contract Manufacture date:... view more

February 23  


2002 Siemens Axiom Sireskop SD R/F Room Table: 90/15 Tilt Overhead Tube Crane Original Tube Professionally De-installed from a complete working environment. Located in our Miami wraehouse.... view more

February 21  
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First Call Parts announces their certification to ISO 9001:2015

This should provide customers with confidence that we provide repaired, refurbished, & tested imaging parts that will meet needs & expectations. Certification symbolizes commitment to continual improvement & customer satisfaction. Call 800-782-0003!

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2006 Model. Table 90/90 Tilting, Polydorous generator, with wall bucky. Digital DSR plate. Still installed. Available... view more

February 21  

SIEMENS Axiom Luminos TF Rad/Fluoro Room Wanted

Need 2006 or newer Axiom Luminos Rad/Fluoro Room for order in-house. Please let us know what you... view more

February 21  

SIEMENS AXIOM Iconos R200 Rad/Fluoro Room For Sale

Fluoroscopy ! Siemens AXIOM ICONOS R200 Year of construction 2008 /2009 Will be dismantled on 17.03.2024. If someone takes over the dismantling on this day, it will be sold at a very... view more

February 21

Asking Price:
€6,000 EUR


SIEMENS X-ray table portable Rad/Fluoro Room For Sale

x-ray table, portable, with brakes, 2m long, vg.cond.... view more

February 21

Asking Price:
€400 EUR
Dealer Pricing


SIEMENS Polydoros LX30/50 switch board Rad/Fluoro Room For Sale

switch board for Polydoros LX30/50 incl. hand switch, vg.cond.... view more

February 21

Asking Price:
€330 EUR


SIEMENS Axiom Iconos R200, Siregraph CF, 7018950, Fluorospot Compact V2 Rad/Fluoro Room For Sale

Dear ladies and gentlemen, we offer Siemens Fluorospot Compact V2. modelnumber: 7018950 serialnumber: 2646 yom: 2002 itemnumber: A101426 compatible with: Axiom Iconos R200 Axiom... view more

February 21  
Vedat Oezen / VeMed GmbH
phone: +49 21041419990

SIEMENS Siregraph Top 33 Rad/Fluoro Room For Sale

We have a very large stock of parts for the Siemens Siregraph Top 33 . Make us your best offer fro any parts ! You can pay this item with PayPal . We can ship worldwide . The following... view more

February 21  

SIEMENS Axiom Luminos dRF Rad/Fluoro Room For Sale

Manufacture: SIEMENS Model Name: Axiom Luminos dRF SN: 1315 YOM: 2009 Software Version: VB10K Digital / Analogic: Digital Detector/ Image intens. + size: 43x43S Tube YOM:... view more

February 19  

SIEMENS Multix UPH Rad/Fluoro Room For Sale

Polydoros LX50 generator, Multix UPH, Vertix 2E, and 3D111. System is still being used in a clinic. Price includes Rytex de-install on February 23, 2015. Very well maintained system. Service records... view more

February 18  

SIEMENS Polystar Rad/Fluoro Room For Sale

Siemens 1998 Polystar Working system. Our engineers will de-install. Included in... view more

February 18  

SIEMENS Luminos Agile Max Rad/Fluoro Room For Sale

Art. No.: 21251 FOR PARTS Model: Siemens Agile Max Equipment of the device as shown in the photos Ready for export. Get in touch with us!... view more

February 17  
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Rad/Fluoro Room

Rad/Fluoro Room equipment is used in medical imaging to help diagnose and treat patients. It includes x-ray machines, CT scanners, and fluoroscopes. These machines use radiation to produce images of the body’s internal structures, which can help diagnose and treat a variety of conditions. Rad/Fluoro Room equipment is used in a variety of medical settings, including hospitals, clinics, and imaging centers.

The price range for Rad/Fluoro Room equipment varies depending on the type of machine and its features. X-ray machines can range from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. CT scanners can range from tens of thousands of dollars to over a million dollars. Fluoroscopes can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

Several manufacturers produce Rad/Fluoro Room equipment, including GE Healthcare, Philips Healthcare, Siemens Healthcare, and Canon Medical Systems. Each manufacturer produces a variety of machines with different features and capabilities. Some manufacturers also offer financing options to help make the purchase of Rad/Fluoro Room equipment more affordable.