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ALCON Ophthalmic Laser For Sale and Wanted

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We looking for your used equipment!!!! The Experts in Ophthalmic Equipment!

We are the difference in the market! Real post service. We have our own refurbishment lab with original parts. Specialist in Lasers, Phacos, Microscopes, Slit Lamps, Visual Fields, Retinal Cameras. More than 20 years of experience!. Please Call 3055049163

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ALCON Infinity 0ZIL software Ophthalmic Laser For Sale

G.M.I. IS OFFERING THE .Alcon INFINITI Vision System WITH OZIL WARRANTY options available !! THIS UNIT HAS HAD A BIOMED CHECKOUT Performed by factory trained and authorized Technician.... view more

June 12  
Ken Pukay / Goshen Medical
phone: +1 (502) 435-1128

ALCON Centurian Ophthalmic Laser Wanted

Buying Alcon Centurian or constellation Phacoemulsifiers Any condition working or parts ... view more

June 12  
Ken Pukay / Goshen Medical
phone: +1 (502) 435-1128

ALCON Lio Purepoint Laser headset Ophthalmic Laser For Sale

UK-Free Fast track & insured post. Any value Worldwide Shipping by DHL £60 You can buy and pay we will invoice for a postal amount. If buyer pays by PayPal we only use a delivery address from... view more

June 08

Asking Price:
£2,499 GBP


ALCON LenSx Femotosecond Cataract Laser Ophthalmic Laser For Sale

This unit comes with a 6 months parts and service... view more

June 04  
Brad Chasnoff / EyeDeal Equipment
phone: +1 (727) 847-3212 x203

ALCON Purepoint REF 562-1383-002 IPX8 Foot Switch Ophthalmic Laser For Sale

Alcon Purepoint REF 562-1383-002 IPX8 Foot Switch: Light Use, very clean item, untested, sold as is. ***Please do not buy unless you are an authorized purchaser. If this is subject to FDA... view more

May 26

Asking Price:
$800 USD

Sam Elforgany / Futuris tech LLC
phone: +1 (614) 446-2454

ALCON 3000LE Yag Laser Ophthalmic Laser For Sale

Alcon 3000LE Yag Laser Good working and cosmetics conditions Yom 1997 Checked by technician Table included Feel free to ask for more pictures or videos We speak english Hablamos... view more

May 22

Asking Price:
€3,500 EUR

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Ophthalmic Laser

Ophthalmic laser equipment is used for a variety of eye treatments, including laser-assisted cataract surgery, glaucoma treatments, and laser vision correction. This type of equipment is designed to deliver precise, focused laser energy to the eye, allowing for accurate and safe treatments. Ophthalmic laser equipment typically consists of a laser source, a delivery system, and a control console. The laser source emits a beam of light which is then directed through the delivery system to the eye. The control console allows the surgeon to adjust the power and duration of the laser beam.

The price range for ophthalmic laser equipment can vary greatly depending on the type of equipment and the manufacturer. High-end laser systems can cost upwards of $100,000, while more basic systems can cost around $10,000. Some of the most popular manufacturers of ophthalmic laser equipment include Alcon, Bausch & Lomb, Carl Zeiss, and Topcon. These manufacturers produce a wide range of laser systems, from basic to high-end, and offer a variety of features and options.