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ARCOMED Pump IV Infusion For Sale and Wanted

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Your #1 Trusted Source For All Of Your Infusion Pump & Ventilator Needs

Biomedix Medical is a Biomedical company that also sells and services many hospitals and alternate site healthcare organizations across the U.S. High quality refurbished medical equipment at great prices. Call us today! (610) 656-5851

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Med One Group - Authorized Dealer for Alaris Infusion Pumps

With a large in-house inventory of Alaris infusion pumps, Med One Group provides purchase, rental, & lease options with customizable solutions. We provide biomed services, & our equipment arrives patient ready.(800)248-5882

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ARCOMED Volumed uVP7000 Pump IV Infusion For Sale

Arcomed Volumed uVP7000 Infusion Pump - Available in bulk - Software version: 6.1013 - Drop sensor 403ARCO0034... view more

November 30

Asking Price:
€140 EUR

Mediproma B.V.
phone: +31 184670479

ARCOMED Syramed µSP6000 Chroma G Pump IV Infusion For Sale

Lot of 100 Arcomed Syramed µSP6000 Chroma G, new, in box, never used. Manufactured in 2020. Lot is composed as following: - 100 Arcomed Syramed µSP6000 Chroma G - 30 UniqueDoc docking modules... view more

November 30  

ARCOMED uVP7000 Pump IV Infusion For Sale

ARCOMED Volumed uVP7000 Pump IV Infusion used condition, you will receive: 1x ARCOMED Volumed uVP7000 Pump IV Infusion Buyer will receive exactly the same unit as in photos, We... view more

November 29

Asking Price:
£69 GBP

All2be limited
phone: +44 7861073636
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Pump IV Infusion

Infusion pumps are medical devices used to deliver fluids, medications, and other solutions into a patient's body intravenously. This type of equipment is used in hospitals, clinics, and other medical settings to provide intravenous therapy. The pump is used to control the rate of infusion and to ensure that the correct amount of fluid is delivered to the patient.

Pump IV infusion equipment is available from a variety of manufacturers. Prices for this type of equipment can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the features and capabilities of the device. Some of the most popular manufacturers of pump IV infusion equipment include B. Braun, Baxter, Fresenius, and Hospira. These companies offer a wide range of products, from basic manual pumps to sophisticated electronic pumps with advanced features. The cost of a pump IV infusion device will depend on the features and capabilities of the device, as well as the manufacturer.