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LUMENIS Laser - Argon For Sale and Wanted

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Solid State Diode 532 Green Argon Lasers

Specialize in refurbishing & selling solid state diode 532 Green Argon Lasers with current technology; easily portable and typically weighs less than 50 lbs. Each unit is maintained at our headquarters in Tampa, Florida, USA. Call 1-877-924-2020.

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LUMENIS Novus Spectra Laser - Argon For Sale

Lumenis Novus Spectra Laser with slit lamp and LIO foot pedal and key. Biomed Refurbished. Patient Ready Complete system. The Lumenis Novus Spectra is an innovative photocoagulator with an... view more

December 07

Asking Price:
$12,000 USD

Joel Martin / Summit Biomedical Inc.
phone: +1 (888) 454-0360

LUMENIS Novus Spectra Laser - Argon For Sale

Lumenis Novus Spectra Diode Green Laser Versatile, efficient and compatible with a wide array of delivery devices, the Novus Spectra was designed to provide optimal results in the operating room... view more

December 05  

LUMENIS Elite 532nm Laser - Argon For Sale

OFFER 100% OPERATING 6 MONTH WARRANTY Lumenis Elite 532nm solid state Ophthalmic Photocoagulator laser system with Haag Style Laser Link: Meets full factory specifications. Just had... view more

November 30

Asking Price:
$5,000 USD

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Laser - Argon

Laser-Argon equipment is a type of laser technology that uses a mixture of argon and other gases to produce laser beams. It is often used in medical and industrial applications, such as laser surgery, laser cutting, and laser welding. Laser-Argon equipment is known for its high precision and accuracy, as well as its ability to produce a wide range of laser wavelengths.

The price range for Laser-Argon equipment varies depending on the type of equipment and the manufacturer. Generally, the cost of Laser-Argon equipment ranges from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. Some of the major manufacturers of Laser-Argon equipment include Coherent, Jenoptik, and IPG Photonics. These companies offer a wide range of laser products, including lasers for medical, industrial, and scientific applications. Additionally, they offer a variety of laser accessories, such as lenses, beam splitters, and power supplies.