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BREG XL hinged X2K OA XL osteoarthritis Knee Brace For Sale

We have a couple of these in stock obtained from an ortho specialty store clearing out older inventory. Some of the packaging may show shelf wear, but the contents are undamaged and unused. The part... view more

July 22

Asking Price:
$125 USD
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July 21  
Brenda Stein / Medsurplusonline
phone: +1 (917) 676-8594

BREG SlingShot 3 Shoulder Brace Brace For Sale

Breg SlingShot 3 Shoulder Brace-NEW Description: The SlingShot® 3 is a clinician-driven innovation in shoulder bracing. Its design provides superior comfort for the patient recovering from... view more

July 18

Asking Price:
$95 USD

BREG Arc 2.0 with Pillow-AE050500 Brace For Sale

ARC® 2.0 Shoulder Brace Sizes: universal Our signature aluminum waistband is moldable to each patients unique torso shape and prevents anterior migration that is common with shoulder braces. The... view more

July 16

Asking Price:
$99 USD

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Brace equipment is a type of medical device used to support and protect the body from injury. It is designed to provide stability, reduce pain, and improve function. Brace equipment is commonly used to treat a variety of conditions, including sprains, strains, fractures, and joint instability. It is also used to treat arthritis, tendonitis, and bursitis.

Brace equipment is available in a wide range of prices, depending on the type and quality of the product. Generally, basic braces can be purchased for under $50, while more advanced braces can range from $100 to $500. Many manufacturers make brace equipment, including DonJoy, Breg, and Aircast. Some of these manufacturers offer custom-made braces, which can be tailored to the individual’s needs. Prices for custom braces can range from $500 to $2,000.