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GE X-Ray Service Tools Parts and Accessories For Sale and Wanted

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GE Yokogawa Panel Meter D-C Milliamperes X-Ray Service Tools Parts For Sale

Part Number: MXC245901
Yokogawa Panel Meter D-C Milliamperes

Yokogawa Panel Meter D-C Milliamperes BRAND NEW IN ORIGINAL... view more

February 14  
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X-Ray Service Tools

X-ray service tools are essential medical equipment used in radiology departments and diagnostic imaging centers. These tools are designed to assist healthcare professionals in effectively maintaining and servicing X-ray machines, ensuring their optimal performance and accuracy. The tools comprise a wide range of devices and accessories that aid in the calibration, testing, and troubleshooting of X-ray machines.

One of the primary uses of X-ray service tools is to perform routine maintenance and quality control checks on X-ray equipment. These tools help technicians to ensure that the X-ray machine is functioning correctly, producing accurate images, and delivering the appropriate radiation dose to patients. Additionally, these tools are used for calibrating X-ray generators, evaluating image quality, and assessing the performance of X-ray detectors. By utilizing these tools, healthcare providers can enhance the safety and efficiency of X-ray procedures, leading to improved patient outcomes.

The price range for X-ray service tools can vary depending on the complexity and functionality of the equipment. Basic tools such as radiation meters, dosimeters, and calibration phantoms can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. More advanced tools like digital image analyzers, image quality phantoms, and generator analyzers can cost several thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. The prices may also be influenced by the reputation and quality of the manufacturer.

Several manufacturers specialize in producing X-ray service tools. Some prominent names in this space include Fluke Biomedical, RaySafe, Unfors RaySafe, RTI Electronics, and IBA Dosimetry. These manufacturers offer a wide range of tools and accessories designed to meet the diverse needs of healthcare facilities. Each manufacturer may have its unique features, quality standards, and pricing structures, giving healthcare providers the flexibility to choose the most suitable tools for their specific requirements.