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DOTmed User Avg Rating
PaceTech Steve Parimeros starempty starempty starempty starempty star
Pacific Biomedical Supply Sarah Faye starstarstarstarstar
Palmetto Capital LLC Hanafy Meleis starstarstarstarstar
Pana-Medizin-Emborio Stavros Panagiotidis starstarstarstarempty star
PAN AM IMAGING Mohamed Maaty starstarstarstarempty star
Pantur. Inc. Angelos Panagopoulos starstarstarstarstar
pao pro papadopoulos starstarstarstarstar
Papylon International Edson Abrao starstarstarstarstar
parks medical joseph parks starstarstarstarstar
particular marco pascottini starstarstarstarstar
Particular Jorge Aguirre starstarstarstarstar
PartsSource Daniel Brenner starstarstarstarstar
PartsSource Don Hubbard starstarstarstarstar
PartsSource Ken Proctor starstarstarstarstar
PartsSource Christian Unger starstarstarstarstar
PartsSource Will Kinsey starstarstarstarstar
PathologyService, Inc. Sean Draime starstarstarstarstar
PC Medical Tony Alverz starstarstarstarstar
PCRS Medical Imaging Services Peter Crosbie starstarstarstarstar
PDSC Bobby Trinh starstarstarstarstar
Peak Medical Resources Brian Sobkowiak starstarstarstarstar
Peerless Image Tim Hynes starstarstarstarstar
PEMED Mark Zirinsky starstarstarstarstar
pendawalima technology shafee sirat starstarstarstarstar
personal fabio cortes starstarstarstarstar
Petmed Mark Girone starstarstarstarstar
PhiGEM Parts, Inc. Joshua Glas starstarstarstarstar
Philips Healthcare Kevin Appareti starstarstarstarstar
Philips Healthcare Refurbished Medical Imaging Equipment Maria Gerea starstarstarstarstar
photomedic marindi johnson. starstarstarstarstar
PhuQuy TAS Lennon J.John starstarstarstarstar
Physicians and Partners Benjamin Anyanwu starstarstarstarstar
Piedmont Medical, Inc Byron Wurdeman starstarstarstarstar
Pioneer Biomedical for Philips Medical Equipment Roger Wallace starstarstarstarhalf star
Pirie street women's health naser shehata starstarstarstarstar
Pitcock Biomedical Inc. Mark Wooten starstarstarstarstar
Plaza Medical, Inc. Steve Rice starstarstarstarstar
PMR Medical Devices Tony Anzalone starstarstarstarstar
Pneumovent Medical Enterprises Alex Alcantara starstarstarstarstar
PODER Inc. German Filgueira starstarstarstarstar
Polaris Medical Imaging Robert Maly starstarstarstarstar
Polaris Medical Imaging Ted Tudic starstarstarstarstar
Politecnica en Imagen Medica Jose Luis Ortega starstarstarstarstar
portable digital radiology mike beregszaszi starstarstarstarstar
portage boatworks john lupton starstarstarstarstar
Portland Medical LLC John Granholm starstarstarstarstar
Portland Surgical Sales LLC Dave Hill starstarstarstarstar
Precision Equipment Dan Opitz starstarstarstarstar
Precision Medical Equipment Jim Yore starstarstarstarstar
Precision Transducer Services Inc. Ken Clark starstarstarstarstar
Preferred Diagnostic Ty Bassham starstarstarstarstar
Premier Imaging Inc. Robert Pritchett starstarstarstarstar
Premier Imaging, Inc. Charles T McDonough starstarstarstarstar
Premier imaging/Medical Systems Robin West starstarstarhalf starempty star
Premier Medical Christian Ceroli starstarstarstarstar
Premier Ultrasound Mike Rodemers starstarstarstarstar
premier women's healthcare dominique Smith starstarstarstarstar
Prestige Imaging Matt Purser starstarstarstarstar
Primamed Technology Sdn Bhd Nesakkumaren Sivakumaran starstarstarstarstar
Primedic Nigeria Limited Leonard Igini starstarstarstarstar
Prime Medical shailesh shah starstarstarstarstar
PrimeMedical Equipment, LLC. Beth DiPalma starstarstarstarstar
privat gornea angelin starstarstarstarstar
private victor rivas starstarstarstarstar
Private Becky Szedlar starstarstarstarstar
private clinic Sayed Rihan starempty starempty starempty starempty star
Private Company Rafael Barragan starstarstarstarstar
Private entrepreneur Oleg Riznik starempty starempty starempty starempty star
PRN Bob Gaw starstarstarstarstar
Procept S. Mantri starstarstarstarstar
ProEndoscopy Cesar Martin starstarstarstarstar
Profesional Independiente Luis Diaz starstarstarstarstar
Professional Equipment Center Inc Alfred Egedovo starstarhalf starempty starempty star
Professional Imaging Services Steven Ford starstarstarstarstar
Professional Medical Equipment, Inc. Omar D. Rodriguez starstarstarstarstar
Professional Medical Systems, Inc. Kristopher Kaestner starstarstarstarstar
Progressive Medical International Marc Lawrence starstarstarstarstar
ProMaster Medical Tom Yore starstarstarstarstar
Promed Rainer Bornschein starstarstarstarstar
Pro Ray Medical Equipment Sales, LLC Terry Stark starstarstarstarstar
Pro Scope Systems Stuart Jackson starstarstarstarhalf star
Proton Services, Inc. Gary Provenzano starstarstarstarstar
Providian Medical Equipment LLC Dave Cardwell starstarstarstarstar
Providian Medical Equipment LLC Brian Kosar starstarstarstarstar
Proximus Medical Yvan Degomme starstarstarstarstar
PTS LONNIE PENSE starstarstarstarstar
Puma Export, Inc. Olga De La Paz starstarstarstarstar
Pyramid Medical Hap Burnett starstarstarstarstar
Pyramid Medical, Inc Bill Burnett starstarstarstarstar
QCI Bernardo Fajer starstarstarstarstar
qrs medical hershey muller starempty starempty starempty starempty star
Quality Medical South John Mc Mahon starstarstarstarstar
QualityMed, Inc. Dylan Redd starstarstarstarhalf star
Quanta USA Kevin Whittley starstarstarstarstar
Quest International, Inc. Mark Rodgers starstarstarstarstar
Quest Medical Equipment Paul Garcia starstarstarstarstar
Quest Medical Equipment Inc John Sobczak starstarstarstarstar
Quest Medical Supply, Inc. Clinton Courson starstarstarstarstar
Radan Medical Emanuel Radan starstarstarstarstar
radio frequency imaging inc jesus h burboa d starstarstarstarstar
Radiological Service Training Institute Darrel Kile starstarstarstarstar
Radiological Service Training Institute (RSTI) Jim Monro starstarstarempty starempty star
Radiology Data Corp. David Ramsey starstarstarstarstar
Radiology Oncology Systems, Inc. Michael Teague starstarstarstarstar
Radiology OneSource, Inc. Debbie Cole starstarstarstarstar
Radiology Services LLC Scott Wasson starstarstarstarstar
Radiology Solutions Corp George Tyler starstarstarstarstar
Radiology Solutions LLC Scott Milgrom starstarstarstarstar
Radiology West Claudia Tavares starstarstarstarstar
RADMAX, LTD. Kevin Ewalt starstarstarstarstar
RadMedical S Goyal starstarstarstarstar
Radon Medical Imaging Tony Bodenheimer starstarstarstarstar
Radon Medical Imaging Corp.- WV Tim Martin starstarstarstarstar
Rad Rays LLC Patrick Kluge starstarstarstarstar
RadSource Imaging Technologies, Inc. Michael Wray starstarstarstarstar
Rankin Biomedical Corporation Rob Rankin starstarstarstarstar
Rantique International Victor Antigua starstarstarstarstar
rawan medical company gamal bennaser starstarstarstarstar
Raynor Shine Ent Bruce Raynor starstarstarstarstar
Rayos X de Occidente Juan Caro starstarstarstarstar
RayxNac Ltda. Jose Vallejos starstarstarstarstar
RBEnterprise Inc Diomid Bashkinov starstarstarstarstar
RCT MEDICAL Randy Turgeon starstarstarstarstar
R&D Batteries, Inc. Anthony Westley starstarstarstarstar
Ready Medical Lisa Vanasco starstarstarstarstar
RealTime Medical Joseph Spagnoletta starstarstarstarstar
Reapplied Resources Edward Britland starstarempty starempty starempty star
Redfish Medical Inc. D. Fosco starstarstarstarstar
Regional Imaging limited Rebecca Emslie starstarstarstarstar
Reina Imaging Leo Reina starstarstarstarstar
Rejuviskin medical spa LLC Gregory Costello starstarstarstarstar
Reliable Imaging Kevork Krajian starstarstarstarstar
Reliance Medical Sales Rachel Seifert starstarstarstarstar
Reliance Medical Systems Buck Fechik starstarstarstarhalf star
Reliant Medical Anwar Mithavayani starstarstarstarempty star
Remarket Medical, Inc Gil King starstarstarstarstar
ReMedPar, Inc Shannon Schoenheit starstarstarstarstar
REM srl Ilaria Trezza starstarstarstarhalf star
Rendix Ltd Zeev Sarna starempty starempty starempty starempty star
Requests International Ramon Manalo Jr starstarstarstarstar
Resource Surgical Equipment D. R. Hines starstarstarstarstar
Resource Surgical Equipment Don Osborne starstarstarstarstar
RespaKing Service & Sales Jay Wardwell starstarstarstarstar
Respiratory Care Plus Kim Porter starstarstarstarstar
R & G LASER CENTER INC. gayane dolunts starstarstarstarstar
Rhino International Harold Schwack starstarstarstarstar
Rhode Island Hospital Mark Lenzi starstarstarstarstar
Richard Flickinger Richard Flickinger starstarstarstarstar
Richardson Medical LLC Patricia Richardson starstarstarstarhalf star
Rigid Repair Center Todd Abrams starstarstarstarstar
Ringle Medical Supply Sal Panetta starstarstarstarstar
RJP International Inc. Ralph J. Pesant starstarstarstarstar
RMI Argentina julio gonzalez starempty starempty starempty starempty star
rmim mauricio waintrub starstarstarstarstar
Rock Bottom Lasers Vin Wells starstarstarstarstar
Rocket Science Consulting Jason Whaley starstarstarstarstar
Rogue Industries Mike Ennen starstarstarstarstar
Romac Medical Rodrigo Mancero starstarstarstarstar
Ronco Technical Services, Inc. Andy Cohen starstarstarstarstar
RONSEDA ELECTRONICS CO., LTD Arthur Zhang starstarstarstarstar
ROS Medical Ben Helle starstarstarstarstar
royal central hospital nusrat hashmi starstarstarstarstar
Royale Medical Company Aravinda Reddy Kakuturu starstarstarstarstar
Royal Hospital VASIREDDY PRASAD starstarstarstarhalf star
RSJ Medical Equipment Sourcing Oscar Chavez starstarstarstarstar
RSTI Terry Speth starstarstarstarstar
R-TECH Solutions Inc. James Roller starstarstarstarstar
RX-ECO SERVITEK Sergio Garcia Solana starstarstarstarstar
Rytel International L.L.C. Ray Rytel starstarstarstarstar
Saddleback Memorial-San Clemente Campus Sue Murray starstarstarstarstar
Safe Motherhood Partners Jonathan Abina Karshima starstarstarstarstar
SafeScan Imaging Services Doug Baker starstarstarstarstar
Saffire Medical Alda Clemmey starstarstarstarstar
Sage Services Group Joe Harper starstarstarstarstar
sahara hospital pravesh dhall starstarstarstarstar
Sahel General Hospital Ahmad Rida starstarstarstarstar
Saint Joseph Mount Sterling Larry George starstarstarstarstar
SAMIS Jesse Moore starstarstarstarstar
sanatorio santa rosa carlos lordi starstarstarstarstar
s and a operations shawn rizzone starstarstarstarstar
sanrad medical systems ratish nair starstarstarstarstar
S&A Operations alan Rizzone starstarstarstarstar
Satanta District Hospital Maricor Molas starstarstarstarstar
Savannah OB/GYN Tonya Hooks starstarstarstarstar
SBM HEALTHCARE INDIA PVT LTD vikas kaul starstarstarstarstar
SCANCENTER Marco Rojas starstarstarempty starempty star
Scanworks Chris Ash starstarstarstarstar
Schiferl System Resources Inc. Mark Schiferl starstarstarstarstar
Schulz Consulting Norbert Schulz starstarstarstarstar
Scientific Equipment Liquidators Bob Godar starstarstarstarstar
Scientific Equipment Liquidators Dave Godar starstarstarstarstar
Scientific Equipment Liquidators Terry Manke starstarstarstarstar
Scope Care Rami Wahba starstarstarstarstar
Scopemed Solutions Alain Maglasang starstarstarstarstar
ScottCare Mark Rosoff starstarstarstarstar
Scott County Hospital Heather Wren starstarstarstarstar
Seattle Surgical Repair Jared Van den Dyssel starstarstarstarstar
Second Exposure Inc. Bruce Crawford starstarstarstarstar
Second Time Medical George Pettesch starstarstarstarstar
Sedona Skin Spa Amy Zehrer starempty starempty starempty starempty star
Selcon Business Solutions LLC Saulo Waisenberg starstarstarstarstar
self Wayne Bishop starstarstarstarstar
self Ronald Katona starstarstarstarstar
self tracey Lewis starstarstarhalf starempty star
SELF H.B. HERRING JR starstarstarhalf starempty star
SELF DR RAMESH YADAV starstarstarstarstar
Seneca Scientific LLC James Lantis starstarstarstarstar
Sensor Medic Juan Cortes starstarstarstarstar
ServeMedical International Nico de Jong starstarstarstarstar
Servicio Biomedico del Pacifico S.A de C.V Salvador Gutierrez starstarstarstarstar
Servicios JAH Alfredo Enriquez starstarstarstarstar
Seven Leasing LLC Tyler Nowlin starstarstarstarstar
Shams Al-Mamlakah Medical Est Hamdy Abou Abdou starstarstarstarstar
Shared Medical Services, Inc. Paul Zahn starstarstarstarstar
Shielding Resources Group, Inc. Mike Lahita starstarstarstarstar
SH Medical Corp Marcelo Salvade starstarstarstarstar
SH Meditech Corporation Andrei Suh starstarstarstarstar
Sid Med Dot Co. Sadiya Simran starstarstarhalf starempty star
SIEMED Abel Cardona starstarstarstarstar
Siemed Medical Cengiz Dogru starstarstarstarstar
simonoseki NOBUYUKI KUGA starstarstarstarstar
Simple Solutions, Inc. Philip Mothena starstarstarstarstar
S.I.M.Tech Corporation Onali Gianluca starstarstarstarstar
sitwat medical sitwat kashif starstarstarstarhalf star
SJ Corio Company Bianca Christofaro starstarstarstarstar
Skin@LRG Lisa Ginn starstarstarstarstar
Sleepcare, Inc. Alaa Allawi starempty starempty starempty starempty star
Sleep Works Consulting Veronica Roggero starstarstarstarstar
smartfin Management GmbH Michael Gutjahr starstarstarstarempty star
Sodexo Clinical Technology Management Michael Colianne starstarstarstarstar
SOGEMED Gael Givre starempty starempty starempty starempty star
Soloimagen Orlando Gomez starstarstarstarstar
Soma Technology Michael Catalfamo starstarstarstarstar
Soma Technology Peter Leonidas starstarstarstarstar
Soma Technology Thomas Nowak starstarstarstarstar
Sonic Imaging Stephen Dubin starstarstarstarstar
Soni N Company Soni parmar starstarstarstarstar
Sonohar International LLC Alberto Rivero starstarstarstarstar
Sono House David Kim starstarstarstarstar
Sonotrans Gina Oh starstarstarstarstar
Sonoway Ultrasound Technology Xiangyong Fu starstarstarstarstar
SOS Medical Imaging Eric Smith starstarstarstarstar
Soule Furniture Restoration Blake Soule starstarstarstarstar
sound approach Jerry Depasquale starstarstarstarstar
SoundBoy Productions Al Johnson starstarstarstarstar
Sound Imaging John M. Scott starstarstarstarstar
Sound Medical Equipment Susan Bozinos starstarstarstarstar
Sound Medical Equipment Steven Stremel starstarstarstarhalf star
Source 1 Lou Fink starempty starempty starempty starempty star
Source Ray Inc. Doug Steers starstarstarstarstar
So. Utah Laser Aesthetics Grant Carter starstarstarstarstar
South Coast Humane Society Elliot Schwarz starstarstarstarstar
Southeastern Biomedical Associates, Inc. Boyd Campbell starstarstarstarstar
Southeastern Regional Medical Center Ken Cutbush starstarstarstarstar
southeast pathology instrument service michael dietrich starstarstarstarstar
Southeast Pathology Instrument Service Marc Rabinowitz starstarstarstarstar
Southern Medical Brokers LLC Hanson Carter starstarstarstarstar
Southern Paramedic Service Gary Padget starstarstarstarstar
South LA Medical Equipment Ardalan Attari starstarstarstarstar
SouthMed Imaging LLC Stuart Ancelet starstarstarstarstar
Southwestern Biomedical Electronics, Inc. Tracy Neilson starstarempty starempty starempty star
Southwest Medical Resources Donald McCormack starstarstarstarstar
Specialty Bulb Co Inc LuAnn Buckholz starstarstarstarhalf star
Spectrum Surgical Solutions Jennifer Hamick starstarstarstarstar
Spectrum Technologies Inc Robert Thomas starstarstarstarstar
speranzo & associates Frank Speranzo starstarstarstarstar
SRC Medical Robert Sherrick starstarstarstarstar
S & S Medical Services, Inc. Stan Scales starstarstarstarhalf star
Star and Moon medical equipments LLC Houman Vosough starstarhalf starempty starempty star
State of the Art Medical Jay Jordan starstarstarstarstar
St Bernardine's Medical Center Sylvia Joseph starstarstarstarstar
Sterilizer Services, Inc. Steve Beno starstarstarstarstar
Sterilizing Systems Mitchell Netherton starstarstarstarstar
SterilMed Geoff Kugel starstarstarstarstar
STERTEK, L.L.C. Matthew Graw starstarstarstarstar
Stewart Medical, Inc. Ray Stewart starstarstarstarstar
St. Joseph Health Servs. /Our Lady of Fatima Hospital Thomas Citak starstarstarstarstar
st raphael of st francis hospital maku simon peter starstarstarstarstar
Strategic Asset Management Marlene Tucholski starstarstarstarstar
Strategic Medical Sales John Mazur starstarstarstarstar
StrenuMed Doug Walker starstarstarstarstar
St Thomas Hospital Bill Walker starstarstarstarstar
Studio medico colucciadilollo Mario Coluccia starstarstarstarstar
sudveto adraste jean starstarstarstarhalf star
SUNGYONG MEDITECH JUNGKI OH starstarstarstarstar
Sun Med Abbas Shamsuddin starstarstarstarstar
Sun Medical Systems Sdn Bhd Ravi Kumaran starstarstarstarstar
Sunshine Imaging chris witcher starstarstarstarstar
Super Star Medical Equipment Brad Yono starstarstarstarstar
Suplecom Roberto Robles starstarstarstarstar
Supply Resource Network Melissa Petersen starstarstarstarstar
Suprimed Emanuel Flavio Kloster starstarstarstarstar
SURCAM, INC. Surgical Camera Repair Darius Dziadosz starstarstarstarstar
Surenet Incorporated Scott Sidler starstarstarstarstar
surgery j hess starstarstarstarstar
Surgical Device Repair Inc. Sean McCauley starstarstarstarstar
Surgical Direct David Murray starstarstarstarstar
Surgical Repairs International Dean Ider starstarstarstarstar
Surgical Tables, Inc. Christine Cooke starstarstarstarstar
Suzhou Youbetter Medical Apparatus Co., Ltd. Peter Song starstarstarstarstar
S V Eye care & Research Centre Vijay Nichlani starstarstarstarstar
sw florida regional imaging melvyn katzen starstarstarstarstar
Swift Optical Instruments, Inc. Martha Kilgore starstarstarstarstar
Syracuse Medical Equipment Repair Inc Bruce Bouthillier starstarstarstarstar
sys IC .M.S.D nouri Modallalkar starstarstarstarstar
Systemic Junctures Corp. sam ames starstarstarstarstar
Tammy McMillan RN Tammy McMillan starstarstarstarstar
Tandem Medical Equipment Gil Adames starstarstarstarstar
Tandem Medical Equipment, Inc. Ian Alpert starstarstarstarstar
Target For Medical Equipment Mohamed Yahya Ibrahim starstarstarstarstar
Tattoo MD Alex Kaplan starstarstarstarstar
Team Worldwide David Hubbell starstarstarstarstar
Tech Guilherme Ribeiro starstarstarstarstar
Techcord, Inc. James Choi starstarstarstarstar
Teche Medical LLC Ross Campbell starstarstarstarstar
Technical Prospects, LLC. John Vandersteen starstarstarstarstar
Techno-Aide, Inc. Teresa Quirante starstarstarstarstar
TECHNO MED ANDRZEJ BARANSKI starstarstarstarstar
Technosight Services Piyush Patel starstarstarstarstar
Technosystems srl Demis Murat starstarstarstarstar
Technosystems srl Ivano Murat starstarstarstarstar
TECMED S.R.L. CARLOS AVALLONE starstarstarstarstar
TecnoBioPromo srl Mauro Vischi starstarstarstarstar
teethpositve lina tyner starstarstarstarstar
Tekyard LLC Ali Rehman starstarstarstarstar
Tekyard Medical Dave Merten starstarstarstarstar
TELMED S.A.C. Jorge Almiron starstarstarempty starempty star
Termar Import and Export, Inc. Marcos Santana starstarstarstarstar
Terrain Biomedical & Consulting Mark Waldrop starstarstarstarstar
Texas Laser David DeShazo starstarstarstarstar
Texas Medical Management Services Joseph Dilone starstarstarstarstar
Texus Medical Inc. Pat Baucom starstarstarstarstar
The Alternative Source Medical randy heller starstarstarstarstar
The Beam Team Laser Repair Service Bryan Robbins starstarstarstarstar
The Compliance Doctor, LLC Troy Lair starstarstarstarstar
The Hopkins clinic Kadhirvelu Shakthesh starstarstarstarhalf star
The Laser Agent, Inc. Drew Shafer starstarstarstarstar
The Laser Skin Center Russ Krausser starstarstarstarstar
The Laser Warehouse Shawn Burkey starstarstarstarstar
the medcom group, ltd. Steven Barnett starstarstarstarstar
The Ohio State University Hospital East Jerry Kraus starstarstarstarstar
The Physician's Resource, Inc. Mike Filchak starstarstarstarstar
Therapy Remarketing Group Oncology Equipment John Marquez starstarstarstarstar
The Sentinel Imaging Group Inc. Brent Davies starstarstarstarstar
The Skin Centre Juliette Hepburn starstarstarstarstar
The Stringer CO John Stringer starstarstarstarstar
The Surgical Equipment People Sandy Stewart starstarstarstarstar
The Surgical Equipment People Robert Waite starstarstarstarstar
The Vehicle Converters LLC Eliot Hopley starempty starempty starempty starempty star
TH. Medical Equipment Lilly Echazabal starstarstarstarstar
Thunder Bay Veterinary Hospital Jennifer Vander Kooi starstarstarstarstar
TI-BA Enterprises Brian McKeon starstarstarstarstar
Tift Regional Medical Center John Greene starstarstarstarstar
Timberlake Computer Ken Wheeler starstarstarstarstar
Tinnen Family Chiropractic Robert Tinnen starstarstarstarstar
TJS, Inc. Randy Lusignan starstarstarstarstar
TLM Xavier Ghersa starstarstarstarstar
T.M.S. MIGUEL SARZOSA starstarstarstarstar
Tmtimaging LLC Shimon Elmalem starstarstarstarstar
Tomovation GmbH Bastian Berkel starstarstarstarstar
Tonghuimed Ltd. Zheng Yonghua starstarstarstarstar
Torrance Open MRI Ben Bar starstarstarstarstar
Toshia America Medical Systems Stephen Oeding starstarstarstarstar
Total Imaging Concepts Inc Richard Lee starstarstarstarstar
Total Medical Equipment Kyle Blackwell starstarstarstarstar
Townsend Surgical Scott Townsend starstarstarstarstar
Tracelogix Sabrina Etienne starstarstarstarstar
Traco Medical, Inc. Ken Smith starstarstarstarstar
TransAmerica Logisitcs, Inc. Juan Amaya starstarstarstarstar
Transamerican Medical Imaging Matthew Woodward starstarstarstarstar
Transducers-International Jan Ruissen starstarstarstarstar
Transport International Co nivas nallanthi starstarstarstarstar
Transtate Equipment Co. Dan Wheeler starstarstarstarstar
TranzRad Matt Smith starstarstarstarstar
Travemed Robert Keller starstarstarstarstar
Treasure Coast Ophthalmic Steve Lacroix starstarstarstarstar
TRIALMED Ltd Lali Narmaniya starstarstarstarstar
TriCities Nadeem Khan starstarstarstarstar
Trifecta Medical Group Brant Gamble starstarstarstarstar
TriMedx Mary Larkin starstarstarstarstar
Triple Crown Group Richard Lewis starstarstarempty starempty star
Trisonics, Inc Stuart Latimer starstarstarstarstar
Trisonics, Inc. Jen Riner starstarstarstarstar
Tristate Biomedical Solutions,LLC Tyler Thornberry starstarstarstarstar
Triton Surgical Andrew Vu starstarstarstarstar
Trius Diagnostic Imaging, Inc. Jay Sullivan starstarstarstarstar
Troff Medical Patrick Helms starstarstarstarstar
Tryco, Inc. Linda Postelle starstarstarstarstar
TSD K Hurst starstarstarstarstar
Tse contracting sion toledano starstarstarstarstar
TTR Shipping Rex Taylor starstarstarstarstar
ttx scott cook starhalf starempty starempty starempty star
turkuaz rehabilitasyon ltd.sti cebri suleyman cifci starstarstarstarstar
twin city medical mike holloway starstarstarstarstar
Tycomed Bio-Medical Technology Co.,Ltd. Lydia Chan starstarstarstarstar
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This coveted designation is awarded to the top 100 DOTmed users with the highest number of positive 5-Star Ratings from 2011

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The DOTmed 5-Star Rating System is a very important peer-review evaluation. It's a recognized symbol of integrity. It helps everyone in the industry. It's also a great way to say "thank you" for a job well done.

Bonus - If you are a DOTmed Certified user, your total score will automatically be increased by 10%. Click here to learn how to become Certified.

The DOTmed 100 for 2012 will be announced in March

Recently Certified

Maud Chou Mar 11, 19
Joe Decker Feb 15, 19
Ali Rehman Feb 01, 19
Kristopher Derentz Jan 15, 19
Eric Ebejer Dec 24, 18
Aabid mehmood Nov 09, 18
Karim Naouri Nov 09, 18
C Stillwell Oct 22, 18

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