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NRT ADORA RAD Rad/Fluoro Room For Sale

NRT Adora RAD Digital Rad Room YOM: 2012 Tube YOM: August 2017 Tube type: Varex A-196, housing B-130H Generator: CPI Indico 100 RAD 65kW Canon CXDI based system Canon detectors: CXDI-70C... view more

February 20  

INTRALUMINAL THERAPEUTICS E215CR1 Safe-Cross RF System Rad/Fluoro Room For Sale

Item # 218919 Title: IntraLuminal Therapeutics E215CR1 Safe-Cross RF System Manufacturer: IntraLuminal Therapeutics Model: E215CR1 Description: Safe-Cross RF System Quantity: 1 Item... view more

February 20

Asking Price:
$700 USD
$630 USD (10% Off)



2001 Siemens Axiom Sireskop SD R/F Room Table: 90/15 Tilt Overhead Tube Crane Original Tube Professionally De-installed from a complete working... view more

February 20

Asking Price:
$9,000 USD

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SHIMADZU Digital Rad/Fluoro Room For Sale

REDUCED PRICE $15000 DIGITAL YOM 2007 Shimadzu Digital Rad Room 480v 3 phrase. Canon digital tethered detector. Wall buckey and overhead tube crane, leveling table. AEC auto collimating.... view more

February 20

Asking Price:
$15,000 USD

Steve Roberts / AccuRad Medical Imaging
phone: +1 (918) 740-8910


SIEMENS Iconos R200 Rad/Fluoro Room For Sale

Generator Polydoros SX65/80 - YOM 2006 Tube RX OPTIPOP 150/40/80 HC - YOM 2015 The system will be available end february 2020... view more

February 20  
February 19

Asking Price:
$95 USD


SIEMENS AXIOM Luminos TF Rad/Fluoro Room For Sale

2012 SIEMENS AXIOM Luminos TF Digital Radiographic Fluoroscopic X-ray Fully loaded system all options and accessories included. One digital system for fluoroscopy and radiography from pediatrics... view more

February 19

Asking Price:
$38,000 USD Digital X-ray & Portables In Stock Now Tested & Certified

For 28 years RSTI has provided the best X-ray training. offers Tested & staged pre-owned X-ray equipment so you can be sure our equipment is the finest the market has to offer. Call today 800-299-7784

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SIEMENS AXIOM Iconos R200 Rad/Fluoro Room For Sale

AXIOM lconos R200 - 17" 14411249 Systemkonflguration Das kippbare Grundgerät mit einer allseitig verfahrbaren Patientenlagerungsplatte hat ein neigbares und in Patientenlängsfl chtung ... view more

February 19  
Bill Kalsi / Ticitech S.A
phone: +41 41918409660

SIEMENS AXIOM Luminos dRF Rad/Fluoro Room For Sale

full digital fluoroscopy and radiography device, yom 2010 with mobile detector 43x43cm, in 2015 new installed a digital DSA still installed - serviced by SIEMENS - Top condition - to be... view more

February 18

Asking Price:
€24,900 EUR


PHILIPS EasyDiagnost Eleva DRF Rad/Fluoro Room For Sale

PHILIPS MultiDiagnost Eleva YOM : 2006 S/N : 62 Detector : flat detector NAV Item# : 003074 Status : Pending Incoming Availability :... view more

February 18  

PHILIPS Easy Diagnost Elva Rad/Fluoro Room For Sale

System in use, Our engineers will be de-installing system on May 9 2016. This system has a 2 year old imaging... view more

February 18  

SIEMENS Multix UPH Rad/Fluoro Room For Sale

Polydoros LX50 generator, Multix UPH, Vertix 2E, and 3D111. System is still being used in a clinic. Price includes Rytex de-install on February 23, 2015. Very well maintained system. Service records... view more

February 18  

SIEMENS Polystar Rad/Fluoro Room For Sale

Siemens 1998 Polystar Working system. Our engineers will de-install. Included in... view more

February 18