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We looking your used equipment!!!! the expertise in ophthalmic equipments!

We are the difference in the market! Real post service. We have our own refurbishment lab with original parts. Specialist in Lasers, Phacos, Microscopes, Slit Lamps, Visual Fields, Retinal Cameras. More than 20 years of experience!..Please Call 3055049163




LUMENIS Novus Varia Tri Laser System Laser - Green, Red, Yellow For Sale

Lumenis Novus Varia ophthalmic laser with Ellex 30XL slitlamp on a Zeiss instrument table. System switches on, but system must be checked before use. Lumenis Novus Varia laser - S/N: 005-513831... view more

June 01  

NIDEK GYC-500 Laser - Green, Red, Yellow For Sale

Lightweight and compact design 5.7-inch color LCD with touchscreen control box Stable and reliable green laser Wide range of selectable delivery units Includes a HAAG STREIT 900BM Slit Lamp. ... view more

June 01  

NIDEK GYC 1000 Laser - Green, Red, Yellow For Sale

NIDEK’s YC-1600 and GYC-1000 have been combined to create the very finest laser system available. The compact Combo unit is ergonomically designed and employs the very latest technology. Unmatched... view more

June 01  

IRIDEX OcuLight GL Laser - Green, Red, Yellow For Sale

The Industry Standard for Performance and Value ° Includes TrueCWTM laser pulses for maximum control and precision ° Designed for durability, with a thermal management system to increase laser... view more

June 01  

LUMENIS Selecta II Laser - Green, Red, Yellow For Sale

Selecta II™ Portable, Clip-on, SLT Laser The Lumenis Selecta II SLT laser offers you all the advantages of a premium SLT product together with true portability and maximum space utilization. ... view more

June 01  

CARL ZEISS Visuals 532s Laser - Green, Red, Yellow For Sale

Effective and gentle retinal photocoagulation The VISULAS® 532s is a powerful, diode-pumped solid-state laser. Its built-in thermoelectric cooling system ensures excellent temporal stability of the... view more

June 01  

ELLEX SOLITAIRE GREEN LASE Laser - Green, Red, Yellow For Sale

excellent laser. we sell it with the haag streit slit lamp or with out it. full power laser. made by... view more

June 01  

ALCON EyeLite 532 Laser Laser - Green, Red, Yellow For Sale

Excellent opportunity. We have 2 Units, one with out the CART. Both fully working. Includes Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope, Filter for endolaser, protective gogles, and endo... view more

June 01  

IRIDEX GLX w Zeiss SL&LIO Laser - Green, Red, Yellow For Sale

This is a GREEN DIODE 532, remove from a working practice. Includes the Slit Lamp Zeiss and the Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope. Very good shape and working order.... view more

June 01  

LUMENIS 532 GREEN LASER Laser - Green, Red, Yellow For Sale

excellent laser, good oportunity, perfect working conditions, ready to... view more

June 01  

NEW VISION NV-LF Laser - Green, Red, Yellow For Sale

These are the complete specifications for the 1064nm Safety Laser filter D AB5 + IR AB3 (OD 10+) 180-315 D AB5 + IR AB7 + M AB8 (OD 9+) ... view more

May 31  

NEW VISION Green / Yellow Laser Filter Laser - Green, Red, Yellow For Sale

266, 355, 532 Laser Safety Filter Laser filter is to filter harmful waves so as to protect doctor's eyes when doing Laser surgery. Applied to: Carl Zeiss, Leica, Moller-Wedel, Alcon, Topcon,... view more

May 31  

IRIDEX laser indirect Laser - Green, Red, Yellow For Sale

Iridex, SL/SLX 810 mm LIO, excellent condition. 90 day... view more

May 31  

IRIDEX Oculight GL, TX , IQ 532 Laser - Green, Red, Yellow Wanted

Interested in purchasing all Iridex 532 lasers and... view more

May 29