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ROCHE COBAS MINOS STE Hematology Analyzer For Sale

Used, classic analyzer, but in good condition. Automated hematology (8 parameter CBC with platelet count) MODEL Cobas Minos STE COUNTS/DILUTION (APERTURE) 2 SAMPLE VOLUME, mL (DETECTION... view more

September 25  

MELET SCHLOESING MS4e Hematology Analyzer For Sale

Good condition, check pictures, good price for it: Specification: WBC, RBC, THR, Hb, MCVns4e1 WBC, RBC, THR, (Displayed) Progammable and displayed 16 µl, Progammable dilution rate Results 2... view more

September 25  

DAWNING TECHNOLOGIES StatCount White Cell Differential Counter Hematology Analyzer For Sale

Classic analyzer, as is, working condition, GOOD PRICE FOR IT, ask if... view more

September 25  

HEXAN SH 30 Hematology Analyzer For Sale

Used classic analyzer, hematology... view more

September 25  

ALCHEM Adder SH 96/ 12D Hematology Analyzer For Sale

Hematologic adder, very good conditio, polish classic medical device, special price for... view more

September 25  

CELL DYN EMERALD 22 AL Hematology Analyzer For Sale

BRAND NEW for special price. The CELL-DYN Emerald 22 AL is a full performance, automated optical 5-part differential analyzer that delivers smarter results for small to mid-size clinical... view more

September 25  

CONTRAVES DIGICELL 800 Hematology Analyzer For Sale

Used analyzer but in good conditio, special price for... view more

September 25  

HORIBA ABX Pentra DX NEXUS SPS EVOLUTION Hematology Analyzer For Sale

Machine is used, but ready to work. It looks like new, relative accessories available. Methods of measurement: flow cytometry, Cytochemistry, Impedance, absorbance, Optical cytometry and... view more

September 25  

HORIBA ABX PENTRA 80 XL Hematology Analyzer For Sale

VERY GOOD CONDITION! The HORIBA ABX Pentra XL 80 is a leading hematology analyzer with 26 parameters and five part DIFF. In addition to unique new features, the Pentra XL 80 incorporates all the key... view more

September 25  

HORIBA ABX 120 DF SPS Evolution Hematology Analyzer For Sale

USED, GOOD CONDITION! Autoloader with continuous loading capability / Double DIFF Matrix / Automatic reflex testing / Validation station with cytology atlas / DHSS* technology (*HABX patent). ... view more

September 25  

BECKMAN COULTER COULTER GEN'S System 2 Hematology Analyzer For Sale

USED automated hematology analyzer for Invitro-Diagnostic use. Weight: 110 Lbs. Dimensions: 14(H) x 39(W) x 15(D) inches Diluter-120 Lbs, Power Supply-125 Lbs, Optional Slide Maker-101 Lbs.... view more

September 25  

CELL DYN 3200 SL Hematology Analyzer For Sale

used, good working condition The CELL-DYN 3200 CS is a multi-parameter automated hematology analyzer designed for in vitro diagnostic use in clinical laboratories. The analyzer uses optical... view more

September 25  

BECKMAN COULTER DxH 800 Hematology Analyzer For Sale

Used analyzer, without PC, good condition: The DxH 800 offers sophisticated comprehensive testing in a single aspiration. By combining several analytical methods for real-time testing, this system... view more

September 25  

SYSMEX XE ALPHA N Transportation System Hematology Analyzer For Sale

very good condition!!!! SYSMEX - XE 2100 + SP1000i Automated Hematology Slide Preparation Unit sp-1000i ❚ Fully automated slide preparation and staining unit ❚ Provides consistent quality... view more

September 25  

MEDONIC M16C Hematology Analyzer For Sale

VERY GOOD CONDITION: The Medonic M16C/M20C M-Series Analyzer has features similar to Standard model but comes with a Cap Piercing device instead of the mixer. Can be equipped with a built-in... view more

September 25