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How DOTmed can make your Hospital Liquidation successful.


Streamlining and Simplifying full-facility healthcare sales with the Right Partner

Hospital or healthcare facility asset sales, whether they be because of a hospital bankruptcy or closing of a healthcare facility, may initially seem daunting. However, with the right partner the process can be much easier than it would initially seem.

DOTmed has developed a four stage system for dealing with hospital liquidations quickly and efficiently: inventory and planning, auction execution, the final stages of closure and equipment removal, and finally transparent reporting to let you and your team know the results. Our team of experts will guide you seamlessly through each of these phases, ensuring that all equipment is meticulously documented and sold at the most favorable prices.

  • Inventory & Planning for Hospital Liquidation or Facility Closure Projects

    The initial crucial stage in any hospital liquidation endeavor is the inventory and planning phase. This step is pivotal in guaranteeing the comprehensive identification of all assets and establishing a thorough understanding of the available equipment.

    • Uploading an Initial Equipment List: Even if your equipment ledger is incomplete or outdated, uploading an initial list is indispensable. This initial list expedites inventory processes by matching details with known assets and supports preliminary marketing efforts.
    • Crafting Tailored Settings: When configuring your project, our developers can create customized settings, encompassing autocomplete libraries and the establishment of tiered user access and permissions.
    • Facilitating Team Integration: While we manage the primary project workload, it remains essential for us to collaborate with other teams. This ensures access to critical locations and facilitates the coordination of various teams to prevent conflicts and redundancies.
    • Processing Inventory: Our team will gather and consolidate equipment for efficient processing. We affix barcodes and scan all items, recording vital details such as manufacturer, model, condition, and accessories. Additionally, we capture necessary photographs to enhance the appeal of items during sale. Throughout this process, we also ensure equipment cleanliness and identify potential logistical challenges for equipment removal.
    • Conducting a Secondary Sweep: To eliminate the possibility of overlooking any assets, we conduct a secondary site sweep, ensuring that all equipment is counted and prepared for sale.


  • Auction Setup & Execution for Hospital Closures or Liquidations

    Once we possess a comprehensive overview of all available equipment, we proceed with preparations for the auction. Our expertise, coupled with a custom auction platform, ensures that the entire process aligns precisely with your specific requirements.

    • Evaluating Data & Preparing for Auction: Following the accurate accounting of all assets, we refine the data list. Armed with complete equipment data, we group equipment into lots and tailor our system to match your unique needs. The creation of lots comprising similar items enhances the sale of lower-valued assets, optimizing returns beyond capital equipment.
    • Establishing a Transfer System (optional): Larger health systems may incorporate an internal transfer step prior to the auction. This permits sister facilities to request equipment first, further retaining value within the network.
    • Setting Reserves & Starting Bids: Precise pricing is fundamental for maximizing returns in an auction. Starting bids set too high may deter potential buyers, while reserves set too low may result in missed opportunities for sellers. Drawing upon our team's experience in the secondary market for medical equipment, we strike an optimal balance.
    • Marketing the Auction: DOTmed.com is the largest healthcare equipment website in the world. We have tens of thousands of buyers looking every day for equipment. These buyers create a competitive bidding environment that results in higher prices. Leveraging our buyer network and industry reputation, we connect with the right buyers for your auction. Years of experience in conducting auctions equips us with the knowledge of which channels to market through and the appropriate timing. We promote the sale through Google Ads, our website, social media channels, and tailor-made email campaigns targeting our qualified buyer list.


  • Closeout & Equipment Removal for Hospital Liquidation Projects

    Our support extends throughout the closeout phase, aiming to streamline payment processing and offer assistance with shipping and removal logistics.

    • Auction Closeout: Upon the closure of the bidding window, we handle invoicing and payment processing from buyers, preparing for the equipment removal phase.
    • Equipment Removal & Distribution: Our expert teams oversee equipment removal and supervise pickup logistics. We can also provide recommendations for shipping companies and other logistics partners to facilitate the equipment's transfer to the buyer. Drawing on our experience with hospital liquidation projects, we anticipate potential challenges and address them proactively.
    • Final Processing: Once the equipment has been distributed, we conclude all final processing and send your check.


  • The DOTmed difference: Transparency

    DOTmed believes in total transparency - from the pickup (if necessary) of your equipment, through the bidding process and reporting - DOTmed will show you exactly what's happened. We don't include unknown charges or use undisclosed payments to ourselves as 'expenses'. DOTmed will share with you invoices and documentation for everything agreed upon.

Hospital Liquidation Projects Need Not Be Stressful

In conclusion, the successful execution of hospital liquidation projects necessitates meticulous planning and skillful implementation to ensure that all equipment is sold at optimal prices. Our team of experts, equipped with custom software, expertise, and a network within the secondary market, is poised to maximize your returns, sparing you from the associated headaches.

Please note that in some situations DOTmed can offer to purchase the equipment outright at the beginning of this process. We understand that, in some cases, interested parties must receive payment in advance. DOTmed has the resources to accomodate these needs when they arise.