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DOTmed Healthcare Hotline for:
Full-Service Auctions – Virtual Auction House – Clean Sweep Service
We do the work. You get the money.
    866-999-DOTmed (3686) x252

Read more in our Auction Brochure (pdf)

We Take Care of Healthcare Providers- DOTmed offers special auction services to hospitals to help you easily turn your used equipment and idle assets into cash.

Call our Healthcare Hotline phone number today, or email us at You'll get the most for your used, idle, or unwanted medical equipment.

If you sell used equipment regularly, we can open a Virtual Auction House for you on DOTmed.

If you have a store room full of unused equipment, DOTmed's Clean Sweep Team can make it all go away - and you could make money.

You can learn more about DOTmed Premium Managed Auctions on this page, or read our Auction Brochure (pdf).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why let DOTmed manage your Auctions?

We do the work. You get the money.

You have a full-time job, and don't want to deal with Bidders or after-sales logistics. Let our experienced staff handle the complete process.

We only get paid when your equipment sells - that's why we work hard to get you the best price.

We handle everything from A-to-Z.

  • Premium placement of your auction.
  • Equipment inspection
  • Posting the auction
  • Starting bid recommendation
  • Replying to Bidders
  • Collecting and paying you
  • Insurance
  • Deinstallation
  • Crating & Shipping
  • Export/Import paperwork

Who pays for deinstallation?

Typically, the Buyer pays for all deinstallation and shipping costs.

Premium Auctions Fees.

Premium Auctions provide a high level of service. We get paid only after your equipment sells. If your reserve price is not met, re-posting is free. The cost for DOTmed Premium Auctions ranges from 20% to 33% of the item's selling price, depending on the level of service with a minimum commission of $1,000.

For certain items under certain circumstances, DOTmed can offer you Price Protection for your item. In this case, DOTmed or its designee will agree to pay (pursuant to the Notice of Auction between the Seller and DOTmed) Seller the reserve price set forth in the Auction Description, in the event no bid exceeding the reserve price is submitted at the closing of such auction. You can read more about Price Protection here. Ask your DOTmed Project Manager about the availability of Price Protection for your auction or call our Auction Hotline at (866) 999-DOTmed (3686) x252 for more information.

Getting started.

Our professional auction managers will work with you to make the setup of your auction as simple as possible. DOTmed's Golden Key Program can get your auctions up and running quickly.