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Virtual Auction Houses — For Regional Auction Companies That Want More Bidders

If you auction medical equipment - in a brick & mortar setting or online - you can leverage DOTmed's unequalled industry traffic of 22,000-plus daily visitors by opening a DOTmed Virtual Auction House (VAH).

VAH Example
A typical VAH looks like a standard DOTmed Auction, except all the traffic is directed to your website.

You VAH will run in our regular Featured Auction pages which have the highest visibility and get the most traffic of all listings on DOTmed.

Bonus Exposure: All the individual auctions in your VAH also run in the corresponding Equipment Listings on DOTmed for double the exposure.

Your VAH is designed build bidder interest 7 to 14 days in advance of your auction, and throughout your auction. All DOTmed traffic is redirected to your website so you capture the traffic.

Your VAH auction can be open-ended or close on a pre-set date.

VAH Examples
Here are examples of VAHs that have run on DOTmed past; please note that all auctions have closed.

Example 1) Ireland Eye Laser And Optometry Assets Surplus Auctions
Click here to view an example

Example 2) Regional Hospital System Equipment Auctions
Click here to view an example

Example 3) Imaging Center Assets Auctions
Click here to view an example

Example 4) Here is an example of a hospital VAH with bids
Click here to view an example

DOTmed will build your VAH and individual auction pages based on your own auction pages. We can use your photos and your descriptions to create your auctions.

Each of your individual auctions will automatically show within our Tuesday User Alerts emails to any DOTmed user with matching Alerts set up. This email has over 30,000 weekly subscribers.


Option 1 includes one main VAH page and 10 individual auction lots running for 7 days in advance of your auction - cost is $2,500.

Option 2 includes one main VAH page and 20 individual auction lots running for 14 days in advance of your auction - cost is $5,000.

Option 3 includes one main VAH page that is open-ended that you can add additional item to at any point in the future - creating an ongoing revenue stream

In addition to a VAH, if your budget permits, we can also run Targeted Text Ads in specific equipment categories in which you have auction item running. You can add these Targeted Text Ads to either package above for an additional $500.

Click here to learn more about these ads:

Learn more: Call 212-742-1200 x 237 or email sales@dotmed.com

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