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This Item is no longer available.
Click here to see the 2 Equipment Listings matching 'BENNETT D-325 Chiropractic X-ray' on DOTmed
This Item is no longer available

Click here to see the 2 Equipment Listings matching 'BENNETT D-325 Chiropractic X-ray' on DOTmed

For Sale BENNETT D-325 Chiropractic X-ray

LISTING #878858
  • Condition:
  • Used - Excellent
  • Date updated:
  • October 02, 2010
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Item Summary for BENNETT D-325 Chiropractic X-ray

Bennett X-ray System
$10K for quick sale. The quicker the sale & transfer of the unit the more negotiable the price. Everything you need is included to take, develop and store your patient films. Pictures available just email me. I own it all free and clear and will take cash or credit card for it. I bought it new in 1996 and have maintained it beautifully and it is running perfectly taking x-rays right now in my clinic. It is a beautiful white Bennett X-ray System 300/125 fully loaded with full length Bucky and grid cabinet and counter balanced cassette tray with electric locks, and collimator and bubble tube tilt indicator along with more electric locks on the tube stand to move the tube up and down PLUS a portable leaded shield with leaded window, PLUS a leaded apron, PLUS calipers, ID markers, ID Flash imprinter, five 8X10 and four 14X17 cassettes for plenty of sectional x-ray shots, PLUS a free-standing leaded film bin, PLUS a super heavy duty metal open faced film cabinet for your patient films PLUS a Bubblelight dark light that is so good you can read a newspaper by it PLUS an AFP Mini-Med 90 automatic film processor with stand and tanks AND I'll throw in the chemistry for free AND film for free AND a bunch of film jackets for free AND hook you up with the x-ray supply vendor that I've used for years that’s got good prices.

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