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This Item is no longer available.
Click here to see the 18 Equipment Listings matching 'DADE BEHRING Siemens BCS Coagulation Analyzer' on DOTmed
This Item is no longer available

Click here to see the 18 Equipment Listings matching 'DADE BEHRING Siemens BCS Coagulation Analyzer' on DOTmed

For Sale DADE BEHRING Siemens BCS Coagulation Analyzer

LISTING #819575
  • Condition:
  • Used - Good
  • Date updated:
  • April 27, 2010
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Item Summary for DADE BEHRING Siemens BCS Coagulation Analyzer

Used 2002 Siemens BCS Blood Coagulation Analyzer.

.The BCS® XP System gives you the power of ultimate workflow consolidation for routine and specialty hemostasis testing

•Unparalleled innovation allows for a user-defined specialty menu with reflex testing, customized profiles and the possibility of individual prioritization
•Maximizes high-volume routine workloads with true random-access and walk-away ability for both normal and pathological samples

Make Specialty Testing Routine

Routine that's easier for you...
An excellent combination of high throughput, safety, consolidation, flexibility, labor and cost savings.

Routine and specialty testing on one instrument without interruption - we're helping you accomplish more, for better patient care

•Capability to conduct clotting-, chromogenic-, immunologic-, immuno-turbidimetric- and agglutination-based coagulation assays on one platform
•Ability to check status of individual patient samples at-a-glance
•High dilution range (up to 1:1200) and extended measuring range for specialty testing
•Automatic monitoring of reagent levels and minimal reagent waste via tilted reagent bottles
•Easy daily maintenance of less than 5 minutes and on-board QC package

High throughput performance without compromise

•Run STAT, specialty and routine tests simultaneously, up to 380 tests per hour
•Load and unload samples, reagents, and cuvettes at any time, without impacting workflow


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