This Item is no longer available.
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This Item is no longer available

Click here to see the 7 Equipment Listings matching 'MEGGER FT6/12 MK 2 Safety Tester' on DOTmed

For Sale MEGGER FT6/12 MK 2 Safety Tester

LISTING #1483877
  • Condition:
  • Used - Excellent
  • Date updated:
  • September 18, 2013
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Item Summary for MEGGER FT6/12 MK 2 Safety Tester

Type............................. HT Flash Tester

Make............................ Megger

Model.......................... FT6/12 Mk 2

Voltage...................... 110-240v (set to 240v)

Condition.................... Used / Good

Special Notes.......... Few Scratches on top cover

Description................ AC/DC Flash Tester with Probes

Shipping Weight ........30 Kg

The Megger‚ FT6/12 Mk 2 is an a.c./d.c. breakdown,
leakage and ionisation tester. The instrument operates
from a 240, 220 or 110 V, 50/60 Hz mains power supply.
The instrument supplies a continuously variable output
voltage up to 12 kV d.c. or up to 6 kV a.c. rms each in
two ranges. Provision is made for the measurement of a.c.
and d.c. leakage current, the detection of ionisation and
the indication of breakdown from the item under test. The
total leakage current and the in phase leakage current are
indicated; a.c. capacitive current and both a.c. and d.c.
leakage resistance can be calculated. Panel meters are
used to show the output voltage level and the leakage
current value. The instrument can be set so that the
voltmeter shows the level at which breakdown occurred.

Breakdowns and flashovers are shown, on both a.c. and
d.c. tests, by an amber neon on the front panel
illuminating and by the sounding of a buzzer. The level at
which the peak leakage current will trip off the output
voltage can be adjusted between 0,1 and 1 mA. The
output voltage will always trip off and discharge when a
breakdown occurs unless the fault-burning mode has been
selected. The relay controlling this part of the circuit has a
pair of closing contacts that may be used to operate a
remote indicator, if required.

The amount of leakage current prior to the output being
tripped off is shown on the current meter. The instrument
can be set so that the output voltage will not trip off, but
rather is maintained, enabling the current to continue to
flow through the leakage path so that the operator may
more easily identify a weak point in the item under test.
The maximum output current level is5 mA.

An internal loudspeaker provides an audible indication of
ionisation and a volume control adjusts the level of this
signal. Alternatively, provision is made for the connection
of a high impedance oscilloscope so the ionisation (the
onset of breakdown) can be more easily detected.
Safety Features
The high voltage output terminal sockets, one a.c. the
other d.c., have been designed with safety of paramount
importance. Each is covered by a spring loaded cap when
not in use. In addition, provision is made so that there is
no high voltage present at the output sockets until a
nonlatchable pushbutton on the front panel is pressed. A
similar pushbutton is fitted into the low voltage probe
(available separately) by which the output voltage can be
A protective, earth bond terminal is fitted for separate
connection to earth to provide additional safety. There is
also provision for connecting the instrument for remote
control of the output.
The instrument meets, in general, the safety requirements
of BS 4743 (1979), IEC 348 (1978) and VDE 0411 (1973).
High voltage and low voltage probes and leads are not
supplied with the instrument unless ordered separately.

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