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DOTmed Gold Parts Vendor Profile For USOC Medical

DOTmed Rating: starstarstarstarstar
(53 Votes)
Years in business: 4
Percentage of revenue that parts account for: 10%
Restocking Fee: 20%
Warehouse Size in Sq. Ft: 2,000
Number of Parts Stocked: 10,000
Company Statement:
USOC Medical is a biomedical equipment services and repair company located in Irvine California. USOC Medical provides biomedical equipment repair solutions to healthcare facilities, clinics and medical companies of all types and sizes. Our commitment to providing high quality, cost-effective equipment, and services has earned the trust and loyalty of all of our clients. Service is designed to keep medical equipment running in peak condition at a guaranteed cost savings. From general biomedical equipment, USOC Medical is committed to providing superior healthcare services and products, mostly Philips and GE.
Standard warranty terms?:
Standard warranty 12 months
Parts warranty 30 days
Standard return policy?:
30 days
Standard acceptance policy?:
10 days

Contact USOC Medical


(principal) Ali Youssef


1 Bedside Monitors - Philips Intellivue, GE Dash series, & Datascope Monitors, etc
2 Bedside Modules
3 Telemetry/Transmitters
4 Infusion Pumps - Baxter, Hospira, & Medfusion/Smith Medical Pumps, etc...
5 Transducers - Philips/Hp, Corometrics ultrasound, & Tocos Transducers
6 Oxygen/Air Blenders
7 AGMS - Aneathesia
8 Telemetry Stations
9 Suction Regulators
10 Patient Cables


Thank you for the open communication, always a pleasure working with you, I will contact you the moment St. Lukes Medical Center, here in Phoenix, as well as I need your assistance with repair or troubleshooting. please thank all the staff from Customer Service to Tech. Support for all their continuing support as well, have a wonderful, and productive day.

We "shipped" this out last Friday. Unfortunately, Fed Ex has neglected to make a pickup since then. We're looking into this now. You should have this early next week.

Thank you for letting us know that you haven't received this.

Follow-up is great!
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