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MILLENNIUM SURGICAL Endoscopic Browlift Instrument Set

Time Left:  Auction Closed
Location:  NY, USA
Bid Closes: Dec 14 - 2:00pm EST
Model: Endoscopic Browlift Instrument Set
Seller: Surgery Center
Sale #: 217687

Item Description


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Brand new Endoscopic Brow lift instrument set. Never used or sterilized.
Catalog No. Mfr. Instrument Description QTY
14-5052 Millenium Inner Forehead Nerve Dissector 1
14-5077 Millenium Inner Facelift Temporal Line T Dissector 1
14-5053 Millenium Inner Forehead Orbital Rim Elevator 1
14-5086 Millenium Endobrow Dissector Curved 1
14-5081 Millenium Endoforehead A/M Dissector 10" curved 1
14-5075 Millenium Endo Brow Dissector 11" 1
14-5016 Millenium Endo Brow Grasping Forceps Right Curves 5 INS 1
14-5015 Millenium Inner Forehead Insulated Forceps, Crvd Left 1
14-5080 Millenium Inner Facelift Periosteal Spreader 1
14-5084 Millenium Inner Facelift Parietal Periosteal Dissector 1
14-5001 Millenium Inner Forehead Sci, Crvd Left 1
14-5002 Millenium Endo Brow SCS Crvd Right Hook type Insulated 1
72-375316 Millenium Reposable Suction Electrode 5.75" 1
72-50005300 Millenium Emory E-P J hook electrsurg dissection handle-insulated 1
14-5054 Millenium Inner Forehead Nerve Hook 1
899-AB5005 Millenium Reusable 10ft monopolar gray cable 1
CFD-899-4000 Microaire Hand Drill w/ chuck key
Total # Instruments in Tray 16

CFD-010-4305 Microaire Insertion Tool 1
CFD-010-4313 Microaire Drill Bits 2
HWS-010-1500 Microaire Sterilization Tray 1

Total # Instruments in Tray 3