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Rock Bottom Lasers

Rock Bottom Lasers

Quality Medical Lasers at Rock Bottom Prices

Vin Wells, President
DOTmed user since September 2008

2942 N 24th St.
Suite 114
Phoenix, AZ 85016 USA
Phone: +1 (800) 794-1097
Vin Wells, President
Phone:+1 (800) 794-1097

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Rock Bottom Lasers specializes in selling quality used medical lasers at competitive prices.  Vin Wells is the President and Founder of Rock Bottom Lasers and has extensive experience in the aesthetic laser industry.

Mr. Wells has devoted his energies to helping other physicians and entrepreneurs become successful in this industry. Mr. Wells has developed a number of business operations systems that help aesthetic clinics to maximize their profitability, including: Aesthetic Consultation Training, Medspa Management Training, Medspa Business Plans, Medspa Operations Manuals, and Front Desk Operations Training.

Mr. Wells was successful in developing a Laser Certification Program that was approved by the Arizona Radiation Regulatory Agency, the agency that oversees the use of medical lasers in Arizona. The program involves 40 hours of laser didactic curriculum as well as hands-on laser training.

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Cellulite Reduction
Cosmetic General
Electrolysis Machine
Laser - Alexandrite
Laser - Co2
Laser - CuB
Laser - Diode
Laser - Erbium
Laser - Goggles
Laser - Handpiece
Laser - Holmium
Laser - IPL
Laser - KTP
Laser - Plasma
Laser - Pulsed Dye
Laser - Radio Frequency (RF)
Laser - Ruby
Laser - YAG
Liposuction Unit
Mesotherapy Injector / Gun
Needleless Mesotherapy System
Phototherapy Lamp
Teeth Whitening


Education, Training
Pre-Owned Equip Remarketer

Investing in an aesthetic practice can be very costly. You can easily drop $700,000 to over a million to get your practice established. Paying top dollar for new equipment allows peace of mind with warranty protection, but it comes at a very high cost. While it is true that most used laser equipment is no longer under a manufacturer's warranty, research has shown that you are almost ALWAYS better off buying used equipment and paying out of pocket for maintenance and repairs versus buying new and having it covered under warranty. You are simply paying too high of a premium for the luxury of buying new. If peace of mind is the issue, then buy a back-up piece of equipment at a 70% discount that you can rely on when your primary equipment goes down. The reality is you will still be paying less than buying the brand new piece of equipment.

The key to this issue is to identify the companies who repair the used equipment you are considering to purchase. Ask them to quote you prices on repairs and warranties if you have them. Also make sure that parts are readily available for this equipment and that the equipment manufacture does not hold a monopoly on spare parts. You need to do this footwork BEFORE you buy. After you buy it can be too late and you may be taking too large of a risk.

You also need to find out which laser manufacturers are user-friendly to pre-owned equipment. Some manufacturers can charge you a laser "RECERTIFICATION FEE." Recertification fees are sometimes required by the manufacture if the laser device is sold to someone else. The laser manufactures claim it is to ensure the device has not been tampered with, however the real reason is to protect the manufacturer from being undersold by doctors looking to sell their used equipment. Charging a "recertification fee" levels the playing field between the new and used price. These fees can be as high as $25,000.

Sadly, most aesthetic equipment becomes obsolete 2 or 3 years after the initial purchase, however most leases on that same equipment last for 5 or 6 years. In the world of aesthetics, technology is evolving at a rapid pace. This evolution also means that technology does not remain useful for very long. It's a hard pill to swallow when you continue to make monthly lease payments on equipment that has become a "doorstop" inside your practice. If you've paid top dollar for that equipment, it just makes that pill you're swallowing even the more bitter.

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