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Emergency Cart

Emergency Cart equipment is a type of medical equipment used in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. It is designed to provide quick access to medical supplies in the event of an emergency. Emergency Cart equipment typically consists of a wheeled cart with shelves and drawers for storing medical supplies, such as IV fluids, medications, and other medical supplies. It also typically includes a defibrillator, oxygen tank, and other emergency medical equipment.

Emergency Cart equipment is used in emergency situations to quickly provide medical supplies to patients. It is also used to store and transport medical supplies to different areas of the healthcare facility. The price range for Emergency Cart equipment varies depending on the type and quantity of supplies included. Generally, prices range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

There are a variety of manufacturers that manufacture Emergency Cart equipment, including Medline, McKesson, and Graham-Field. These manufacturers offer a wide range of Emergency Cart equipment, from basic models to more advanced models with additional features.