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KARL STORZ Rhinolaryngoscope For Sale and Wanted

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KARL STORZ 11101RP2 Rhinolaryngoscope For Sale

STORZ 11101RP2 RHINO-PHARYNGO-LARYNGO-FIBERSCOPE Angle of View: 70 deg Deflection: 180 deg up and 90 deg down Diameter: 3.5 mm Length: 30 cm No broken fibers ... view more

June 04  
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A Rhinolaryngoscope is a medical device used to examine the nasal and laryngeal cavities. It is a type of endoscope, which is a device used to look inside the body. The device consists of a thin, flexible tube with a light and camera at the end, which is inserted through the nostrils and into the larynx. The camera allows the doctor to view the inside of the nose and throat in real time.

Rhinolaryngoscopes are used to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions, such as sinusitis, laryngitis, and vocal cord nodules. They are also used to examine the vocal cords for signs of vocal cord paralysis or polyps. The device can also be used to remove foreign objects from the throat and nose.

The price range for a rhinolaryngoscope varies depending on the type of device and the manufacturer. Basic models can start at around $500, while more advanced models can cost several thousand dollars. Some of the most popular manufacturers of rhinolaryngoscopes include Olympus, Storz, and Karl Storz. All of these manufacturers make high-quality devices that are reliable and easy to use.