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MEDTRONIC 2018 O-Arm with Stealthstation S7 O-Arm For Sale

2018 Model. O-Arm O2 Base Unit (Complete Multidimensional Surgical Imaging System, 3D Multi-Plane Imaging Capability, O-Arm Imaging Stand, Mobile View Station, VGA, X-Ray Grid and High Definition... view more

May 28  

MEDTRONIC O-Arm O-Arm Wanted

We are looking for a Medtronic O-Arm. Please quote best... view more

May 24  

MEDTRONIC O-Arm O-Arm Wanted

Looking for this StelathStation Medtronic StealthStation S7 Surgical Navigation... view more

May 24  

MEDTRONIC O-Arm Mobile View Station O-Arm For Sale

Medtronic Mobile View Station REF BI-700-00025-230 YOM 2011-02 Medtronic Stealthstation S7 Firmware Version 007.000.011-014 Spine (3D/Syngergy) Modul Test Software Version 2.1.0 Media I/O... view more

May 19  
Alexej Lapschin / Sonolog
phone: +49 15123434131
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Medtronic O-Arm system tested, in good working condition for sale. MFD: 2013 ... view more

April 26  
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The O-Arm is a medical imaging device used in surgical procedures. It is an intraoperative imaging system that provides 3D images of the patient's anatomy during a surgical procedure. It is used primarily for spinal and orthopedic surgeries, but can also be used in other procedures such as neurosurgery and ENT. The O-Arm is a mobile imaging system that is mounted on a C-arm, which is a type of X-ray machine.

The O-Arm is used to provide detailed images of the patient's anatomy during surgery, allowing the surgeon to make more precise decisions and reduce the risk of complications. It also allows the surgeon to monitor the progress of the procedure in real-time. The O-Arm has a wide range of applications, including spine surgery, orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, ENT surgery, and more.

The price range for O-Arm equipment varies depending on the manufacturer and the features included. Generally, the price range for O-Arm equipment is between $50,000 and $150,000. The most popular O-Arm manufacturers include Medtronic, Stryker, and GE Healthcare.