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CAREFUSION VMax Oxyshuttle Respiratory Analyzer Parts For Sale

Part Number: 770278-101
Pinch Connector

This was a component in a system I am parting out. It is used but... view more

December 05

Asking Price:
$100 USD

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Respiratory Analyzer

Respiratory analyzer equipment is a type of medical device used to measure the respiratory system. It is used to diagnose and monitor a variety of respiratory conditions, such as asthma, COPD, and sleep apnea. The equipment measures the flow of air through the lungs and can detect changes in the airway that indicate a problem. It can also be used to measure the amount of oxygen in the blood and to detect changes in the body's oxygen levels.

Respiratory analyzer equipment is available from a variety of manufacturers, including Philips Respironics, CareFusion, GE Healthcare, and Masimo. Prices for these devices range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the features and capabilities of the device. The most basic models are designed for home use and are relatively inexpensive, while more advanced models are designed for use in hospitals and clinics and can cost several thousand dollars.