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Laser - Argon

Laser-Argon equipment is a type of laser technology that uses a mixture of argon and other gases to produce laser beams. It is often used in medical and industrial applications, such as laser surgery, laser cutting, and laser welding. Laser-Argon equipment is known for its high precision and accuracy, as well as its ability to produce a wide range of laser wavelengths.

The price range for Laser-Argon equipment varies depending on the type of equipment and the manufacturer. Generally, the cost of Laser-Argon equipment ranges from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. Some of the major manufacturers of Laser-Argon equipment include Coherent, Jenoptik, and IPG Photonics. These companies offer a wide range of laser products, including lasers for medical, industrial, and scientific applications. Additionally, they offer a variety of laser accessories, such as lenses, beam splitters, and power supplies.