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Dental Nitrous Oxide System Services and Repairs
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Dental Nitrous Oxide System

Dental Nitrous Oxide System equipment is a type of equipment used in dental offices to administer nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, to patients. It is used to reduce anxiety and pain during dental procedures. The system consists of a nitrous oxide tank, a regulator, a flowmeter, a mask, and a scavenging system. The nitrous oxide tank is filled with nitrous oxide gas and is connected to the regulator, which controls the flow of the gas. The flowmeter measures the amount of gas that is being administered to the patient. The mask is placed over the patient's nose and mouth and is connected to the flowmeter. The scavenging system is used to collect the nitrous oxide gas that is exhaled by the patient.

The price range for dental nitrous oxide system equipment can vary depending on the manufacturer and the features of the system. Generally, the equipment can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Some of the more popular manufacturers of dental nitrous oxide system equipment include Midmark, DentalEZ, and Air Techniques. These manufacturers offer a variety of systems with different features and price points to meet the needs of any dental office.