Fume/Bio Safety Hood Services and Repairs

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Fume/Bio Safety Hood

A Fume/Bio Safety Hood is an essential piece of laboratory equipment that is used to protect laboratory personnel from hazardous fumes, vapors, and dust particles. The hood is designed to capture and contain hazardous materials, preventing them from entering the laboratory environment. The hood is typically made of a durable material such as stainless steel or polypropylene and is designed to provide a secure seal around the user's head and shoulders. The hood is also equipped with a ventilation system to ensure that the air within the hood is constantly being replaced with fresh air.

The cost of a Fume/Bio Safety Hood will vary depending on the size and type of hood, as well as the features included. Generally, prices range from several hundred dollars for basic models to several thousand dollars for more advanced models. Some of the leading manufacturers of Fume/Bio Safety Hoods include Labconco, Sartorius, and Air Science. These companies offer a variety of models to suit the needs of any laboratory.