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IV Poles Services and Repairs
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Adepto Medical - Friendly, Full-Service IV Pump Sales, Rental, and Repair

Adepto Medical is an infusion pump rental, sales, and service company. Our focus is to deliver to our customers the best product and customer service support we can offer. Call (913) 261-9933

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IV Poles

IV Poles are medical equipment used to support intravenous (IV) bags and other medical equipment. They are typically made of stainless steel and feature adjustable height, allowing for easy access to the IV bag. The IV Pole has a variety of uses, including providing a secure place to hang IV bags, allowing for easy access to the IV bag, and providing a stable platform for medical equipment.

The price range for IV Poles varies depending on the type and features of the equipment. Most IV Poles range from $50 to $200, with higher end models costing more. Some of the top manufacturers of IV Poles include Medline, Drive Medical, and Graham-Field. These manufacturers offer a variety of IV Poles, including those with adjustable height, locking casters, and multiple hooks for hanging IV bags.