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Sterilizer Services and Repairs

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Service For RITTER MIDMARK M9D autoclave Full Service Provided Sterilizer

We provide full service for this instrument. We can diagnose and provide an estimate for repair upon... view more

May 27  

Service For HARVEY c 2250 Sterilizer

As a company dedicated to medical equipment we have another equipments to provide, and the option to repair or do maintenance support to your equipments.... view more

May 18  
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Sterilizer equipment is used to sterilize medical equipment and other items to prevent the spread of infection. These sterilizers use high temperatures, steam, or chemical disinfectants to kill bacteria and other microorganisms. The most common types of sterilizers are autoclaves, dry heat sterilizers, and gas sterilizers. Autoclaves are the most popular type of sterilizer, as they are the most efficient and cost-effective. Autoclaves use steam under pressure to kill bacteria and other microorganisms. Dry heat sterilizers use hot air to sterilize items, while gas sterilizers use ethylene oxide or hydrogen peroxide to sterilize items.

The price range for sterilizer equipment varies depending on the type and size of the equipment. Autoclaves can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, while dry heat sterilizers and gas sterilizers can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Some of the major manufacturers of sterilizer equipment include Belimed, Getinge, Midmark, and Steris. These manufacturers offer a wide variety of sterilizer equipment, from small tabletop models to large floor-standing models.