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Orthopedic Table Services and Repairs

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December 03  
Gregory Wallace / H&S MEDICAL
phone: +1 (800) 508-7865

Service For MIZUHO OSI HANA 6875 REBUILD AND REPAIRS OF MIZUHO HANA 6875 tables' Orthopedic Table

Complete rebuild and repair of all Mizuho/ Hana tables and components. Entire rebuild like new or just individual parts including Spars Femur lifts Control modules, Carbon fiber tops ,... view more

December 02  
Gregory Wallace / H&S MEDICAL
phone: +1 (800) 508-7865

Service For MIZUHO OSI HANA 6875 Motion control P.N. 6875-4007 REPAIR Orthopedic Table

SERVICE AND REPAIR OF MIZUHO OSI MOTION CONTROL MODULE P.N. 6875-4007 with a 1 year... view more

November 25  
Gregory Wallace / H&S MEDICAL
phone: +1 (800) 508-7865

Service For JACKSON Dual Column Frame Spine Surgery Table HE-508E (Jackson) Orthopedic Table

If a patient is placed in the prone position, we will often add a Jackson frame, which provides padding for the patient's face and chest, and naturally positions them in a neutral posture that... view more

November 24  

Service For MIZUHO OSI HANA 6875 MOTION CONTROL P.N.6875-4007 Orthopedic Table

repair rebuild of mizuho hana 6875 orthopedic motion control module. timely turn around. we also rebuild all other mizuho osi components like the femur lift left 6875-601 and ferum lift right... view more

November 20  
Gregory Wallace / H&S MEDICAL
phone: +1 (800) 508-7865
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Orthopedic Table

Orthopedic tables are medical equipment used to provide support and comfort during orthopedic procedures. They are designed to accommodate a patient's body in a variety of positions, allowing for easy access to the affected area. Orthopedic tables come in a variety of sizes and styles, and can be used for a variety of procedures, including spinal surgery, orthopedic surgery, and physical therapy.

The price range for orthopedic tables can vary widely, depending on the type of table, the features, and the manufacturer. Basic manual tables can range from $2,000 to $10,000, while powered tables with advanced features can range from $10,000 to $50,000. Some of the most popular manufacturers of orthopedic tables include Skytron, Midmark, and Hill Laboratories. These manufacturers offer a variety of tables with different features and price points to meet the needs of any practice.