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SIEMENS Biograph 16 PET/CT For Sale

2003 siemens biograph 16 pet/ct mobile-nisr10479 software: vb10b tube ss: 170,851 as of 9/17/2019 ct ss: 625,573 tube model: dura 532 license options: bolus track get worklist cap3d... view more

January 22  

SIEMENS Biograph Duo PET/CT For Sale

Biograph Duo LSO (non pico) DURA 352 X-Ray tube, used Tube installed 07.02.2013. Estimated Tube Count 120.000 Emotion DUO Worklist Syngo Extended Spiral Care... view more

January 22

Asking Price:
€17,550 EUR


PHILIPS Gemini (#127947) PET/CT For Sale

2004 Philips Gemini PET/CT 16 Slice Brilliance/Gemini Software Version: 3.3 ACR Expiration Date: 5/24/19 Medrad Injector Envision. In excellent operating condition. Available for turnkey... view more

January 21  

GE Discovery STE 16 PET/CT For Sale

GE DSTE PET CT DOM 2007 16 Slice Installed and operational. Contact us for... view more

January 21  

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GE Discovery ST 8 PET/CT For Sale

GE PET-CT Discover ST 8 Ch System Type: Discovery ST System No. YE0107 Installed Tube : Performix Tube S/N: 199354G12 Tube Inst Date: 2017 jan. 12 Total Tube mAs : 1207619 Scan... view more

January 21  


2009 ge discovery 16 st-mxr100767 avail feb located in... view more

January 20  

GE Discovery DST16 PET/CT For Sale

04' GE Discovery DST PET/CT 16 Available Q2 2020. Need Offers ASAP. Under GE Service Contract. Tube Replaced; 07/03/2018. Installed SW Options; Patient -16- Slice Power 440 Direct - 3D... view more

January 20  

PHILIPS Brightview XCT PET/CT For Sale

YOM : 2011 S/N : 6000227 Software Version : JETStream Version 2.5.5 Slices : LEHR Collimator Quantity : 1 NAV Item# : 003011 Status : Pending Incoming Availability :... view more

January 20  

Diagnostix Plus - Trade In Offer On Your Old SPECT Cardiology System

Trade in your non performing SPECT cardiology system for a high return PET camera. Reliable SPECT, PET & PET/CT systems at a fraction of the cost of new. Call Diagnostix Plus @ 201-530-5505

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GE Discovery LS PET CT PET/CT For Sale

2005 GE Discovery ST Elite 16 PET CT Current Location : Japan Tube Replacement:2017 Current Tube Usage: 32 Million mAs (As of 14th November, 2019) Option Software: Power 440, Direct-3D,... view more

January 20  

GE Discovery ST 16 PET CT PET/CT For Sale

GE Discovery ST 16 PET/CT scanner manufactured in July 2006, installed in 2007. Brand-new Performix x-ray tube was installed on Jan 31 2019 on a Dec 2018 tube. Current tube has only 2,304,991 mAs... view more

January 19  

SIEMENS Biograph 16 PET/CT For Sale

Siemens Biograph 16(CTI Reveal 16 decals) LSO HiRez PET/CT manufactured in 2004. Sw version, VA70C. Software upgrades on 10/23/2013. Original DURA-532 x-ray tube with 210,709 seconds and 162,260... view more

January 19  

GE Discovery LS4 PET/CT For Sale

DLS4 PET/CT manufactured in 2004. MX200 x-ray tube manufactured in January 2015 with 9.8 Mil mAS or 81,000 seconds.... view more

January 19  

GE Discovery VCT 64 PET/CT For Sale

Refurbished, high-speed and high-resolution scanner. Auto PET Calibration, PET Gated Acquisition, CT/MR Fusion, CT/PET Fusion and more! Contact 1-866-NUC-MED1 or


SIEMENS Biograph 6 PET/CT For Sale

2006 Siemens Biograph HiRez in a 2006 Medical Coaches Original build up Clinical use ready Clean on inside. Great neutral white paint on outside. Lift gate Dual slide outs Hot Lab ... view more

January 19  
Jozef Pelikan / iMED All, Inc.
phone: +1 (657) 206-6694

GE Discovery LS 16 PET/CT For Sale

GE Discovery LS 16 PET CT 2005 - July 2015 X-Ray Tube - 37 Million mAs Scan Seconds - Standard Options - Location: San Diego, California - Guaranteed First... view more

January 23  

GE Discovery 8 Slice PET/CT For Sale

GE Discovery ST PET CT Scanner 2003 8 Slice PET CT, Octane Computer, Xeleris Workstation, NEW TUBE 2010, 4 Million mAs, 4,255,478 Gantry Rotation, 70cm Wide Bore, DICOM, 3D, Available... view more

January 23