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uMR® 680 by United Imaging

May 01, 2023
MRI Sponsored
uMR® 680
The recently FDA-cleared uMR 680, powered by uAI® artificial intelligence technology, ushers in a new reality of patient comfort, high resolution imaging, and fast, quiet scanning. This 1.5T scanner uses uAI DeepRecon to provide high resolution and high signal deep learning reconstruction. It’s designed with features to meet the demands of acute care, including: a detachable table; SuperFlex coils, blanket-style coils that conform to the patient; QScan for quiet MR imaging; EasySense for highly accurate touchless breath monitoring and uCS 2.0 (United Compressed Sensing) for fast 2D/3D/4D exams. Comes with all available configurations (All-in Configurations™), Software Upgrades for Life™ to keep it modern throughout the entire life of the scanner at no cost with a service agreement, and the United Performance Guarantee.

Learn more at United Imaging.

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