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uMI® 550 by United Imaging

June 25, 2024
CT Mobile Imaging Molecular Imaging X-Ray Sponsored
uMI 550 by United Imaging
Built with uEXPLORER® PET technology inside, the uMI 550 enables clinical flexibility with digital technology that prevents obsolescence. Our uAI® HYPER DPR technology powers the uMI 550 with the only CNN-based iterative reconstruction engine trained with total-body data (versus whole-body data). Time-of-flight, point spread function, HYPER Iterative (ROSEM), HYPER Focus, deep learning (AI) PET reconstructions, deviceless gating, metal artifact correction and more come standard. The mobile configuration of this machine has a mobile-specific workflow and maximum patient throughput. More than sixty uMI 550s are installed across the U.S. today – and growing -- making digital PET/CT truly accessible to all.

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