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GE Signa HDi 1.5T MRI Scanner For Sale

2009 GE HDi 8CH MRI 16x software platform BRMD Gradient CXK4 LCC Magnet Serviced by GE Includes: 8Ch NV Coil 8Ch CTL Coil 8Ch Body 8Ch Breast 8Ch Shoulder 8Ch Knee 8ch foot ankle ... view more

November 29  

GE Signa Lx 1.5t MRI Scanner For Sale

2002 GE Signa LX- CX/ LCC 1.5T 9x Octane Computer Slew Rate 50m/Tm@150 mTm/ sec Max Spatial Gradient - 630 G/ cm Gradiant Type 8915 Resonance Module TRM Table Limit 31750 Line Frequency 60Hz... view more

November 29  

SIEMENS Essenza MRI Scanner For Sale

Siemens Essenza 1.5T 16 CH MRI manufactured in April 2008. System is still up and running under OEM service. Coming out soon from Florida.... view more

November 29  

SIEMENS Altea MRI Scanner For Sale

New Siemens Altea for details contact... view more

November 29  

Altima - Your CT / MRI Diagnostic Imaging Specialists!

Altima will inspire the trust, loyalty and commitment of our customers through positive relationships and collaboration, top quality equipment services, and a clearly superior value proposition. Call Today (469) 644-7063

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SIEMENS MAGNETOM Area 1.5T MRI Scanner For Sale

for sale siemens aera yom 2012 48 ch for more details please contact... view more

November 29  

GE Optima MR430s 1.5T MRI Scanner For Sale

YOM 2012, S/W 4.0, price €40,000 OPTION : Imaging capabilities:  spin Echo and Spin Fast.  Gradient Echo.  Driven Equilibrium Sequences. Inversion Recovery.  Fat Suppression. RF Spoiling. ... view more

November 29

Asking Price:
€40,000 EUR


SIEMENS AMIRA 1.5T MRI Scanner For Sale

siemens amira 1.5t 2016 for sale for details and price contact... view more

November 29  

ESAOTE S-scan MRI Scanner For Sale

Exellent system !! for more details please contact us... view more

November 29  

Nationwide Imaging - Pre-Owned MRI Mobiles/Scanners In Stock (732) 262-3115

Nationwide Imaging sells only the finest pre-owned equipment, with MRI Mobiles being our specialty. Your delivered system is fine-tuned and worry-free, because we stand behind our work. Get the best for less -- at Nationwide.

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SIEMENS MAGNETOM Avanto 1.5T MRI Scanner For Sale

Exellent Siemens Avanto 1.5T 2008 For details and price contact us!!... view more

November 29  

GE Optima MR360 MRI Scanner For Sale

optima MR360 1.5T 2014 Exellent system !! for details and price contact us !... view more

November 29  

GE MR450W 32 ch MRI Scanner For Sale

mr450 1.t 32ch 2013 for sale in exellent condition ! for details and photos contact... view more

November 29

Asking Price:
$260,000 USD

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Image Technology provides world class PARTS, SYSTEMS, SERVICE & TECHNICAL EXPERTISE to OEM's and ISO's for Philips and Siemens equipment. We own what we sell and are available 24/7. Give us an opportunity to help you. Please call us at 972-223-3008!

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GE MR450 MRI Scanner For Sale

Please contact us for details and... view more

November 29  
November 29  

GE MR 360 1.5T MRI Scanner For Sale

MRI GE Optima MR 360 GEMS 16cx 1,5T 2013, 16 channels !!! SW Version : SV25.0_R06_1712.b SW options : ARC, 3D ASL, Asset, Blood Flow and Volume Measurement, Bloodsupp, BRAVO, BREAST2, Breast... view more

November 29