Over 750 Total Lots Up For Auction at Four Locations - NC 10/05, FL 10/06, CA 10/07, NY 10/11

DOTmed Self-Managed Auctions

Who should use this option?

Brokers, Dealers and other independent resellers

Why Manage the auction yourself?

You save on commissions.

If you have the time to answer Bidders' questions, and are experienced selling and shipping equipment, this money-saving option is for you.

Low Commission & Commission-Free Options.

Low commission auctions have a small one-time posting fee and low commission rates. Go here to see the costs.

Commission-Free auctions have a slightly higher one-time posting fee, but the advantage of no commission charge. Go here to see the costs.

Credit card information is required to run a Self-Managed Auction.

You handle the details:

  • Equipment description
  • Starting bid
  • Replying to Bidders
  • Collecting payment
  • Deinstallation
  • Crating & Shipping

Who pays for deinstallation?

Typically, the Buyer pays for all deinstallation and shipping costs.

Low Commission Auction Fees.

Low Commission Auctions have a Listing Fee, ranging from $20 to $350, based on their Starting or Reserve price. There is a small commission, starting at 5% for auctions closing for between $1 and $500, down to 2% for auctions of $200,000 and up. You can see the costs on this page.

Commission-Free Auction Fees.

Commission-free auctions have posting fees that range from $40 to $700. You can see the costs on this page.

A word about the way Auctions are promoted.

We promote all auctions through direct mail, print advertising and by emailing announcements of all new postings to our extensive base of registered users. We have one of the largest databases of buyers and sellers of used hospital equipment anywhere on the Internet. We also help you through DOTmed Alerts. Alerts are personal requests by DOTmed users to be notified when the specific equipment they want is posted. So we tell the exact people who want to buy what you're selling.

A word about our Approved Bidder policy.

DOTmed only wants serious Bidders to participate in your auction - as should you. That is why we have an Approved Bidder policy.
In brief, we require Bidders not known to DOTmed to either become DOTmed Certified or submit their credit card information before they can bid.
This is a powerful incentive that helps ensure payment, which is what you deserve, as do we.