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Are You Ready For RSNA 2018?

If you're a stakeholder in radiology there is perhaps no bigger event than the annual Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) meeting in Chicago. Every year, the industry comes together at McCormick Place to reconnect with old colleagues and see the latest and greatest tools changing the way we think about medical imaging.

Of course, this year will be no different, and with 700 exhibitors vying for your attention, we have taken the liberty of sharing with you our annual list of Featured Exhibitors. With this list, (see below) you can dedicate more time to the people and things you want to see, and less time trying to figure out where to go.

Hot Topics

This year we're expecting AI to resume it's place on the throne as the most buzzworthy innovation being discussed at the show. Last year we were hit with a tsunami of AI-talk and that trend is not going anywhere. Meanwhile, budget value MR and CT modalities are likely to continue gaining ground as well as digital radiography (DR) and smarter panels. There is going to be so much to unpack at the show, so be sure to bookmark our Daily News to stay on top of the biggest announcements as they happen.

RSNA Products You Don't Want To Miss

There will be no shortage of technology featured at this event. Click Here for a sneak preview of over 30 products.

RSNA 2018 Meeting App

Stay in the know at all times with the RSNA app to view the meeting schedule, customize your own agenda, view the full exhibitor list, and navigate McCormick Place with our hall map. Available in the App Store and Google Play.

Visit DOTmed at Booth #7707, North Hall B

Visit DOTmed to pick up a free copy of HealthCare Business News magazine and our 2018 Buyer's Guide. With ten issues a year reaching over 32,000 healthcare professionals, plus Daily News online covering current events as they unfold, HealthCare Business News is a leading publication for stakeholders in radiology. Stop by to learn what we have in store for 2019 and ways you can get involved. While you're at the booth, learn about the other services DOTmed provides, like our Clean Sweep auction program. DOTmed is totally mobile, so download our app to take DOTmed and HealthCare Business News everywhere you go! You can also sign up for online news notifications catered to your interests and a free subscription to our magazine. We look forward to meeting with you!

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DOTmed's featured RSNA Exhibitors

Browse our exhibitors below and plan out exactly who you'd like to visit at the show! — Grouped by their hall locations for easier planning and listed numerically by their booth numbers:


South Hall A:

AEPX North America - South Hall A, Booth 1049

We offer state-of-the-art flat panel detectors for digital radiography and other modalities. We are developing Industry 4.0 enabled smart IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) devices to support Edge/Fog/Cloud ecosystems and M2M to transform both clinical DR operation and service. With a powerful processor onboard, our investigational FPD can efficiently execute edge computing tasks including advanced imaging processing, machine learning, AI-based data analytics. Our detectors optimize workflow, lower operating costs and improve patient outcomes. AEPX FPDs can retrofit to legacy DR systems to modernize current clinical workflow immediately, and will allow our customers to reap the benefits of IoT as their infrastructure is upgraded and ready.

Ambra Health - South Hall A, Booth 1122

Intuitive and highly interoperable, the Ambra cloud image management platform is designed to serve as the backbone of imaging innovation and progress for healthcare providers. Ambra empowers some of the largest health systems and radiology practices, subspecialty practices, and clinical research organizations to dramatically improve imaging and collaborative care workflows Visit us at RSNA 2018 to learn how we improve patient and physician access through our intuitive portals, mobile applications, integration capabilities, and wide gateway network. We'll also be highlighting how we work with many of our partners like Google to power innovations in the academic research, machine learning, and AI space.

Shimadzu Medical Systems - South Hall A, Booths 1332 & 1339

Shimadzu Corporation, a provider of medical diagnostic imaging equipment features “EDGE” technologies for Radiographic, RF, and Interventional X-Ray systems.

Offering a complete line of the most competitive DR and DFR panels in the industry, Shimadzu is the only manufacturer with large format Tomosynthesis on both RAD and RF equipment as well as offering SLOT and Dual Energy Subtraction applications. Regularly achieving MD Buyline accolades, Shimadzu’s leadership is lowering lifetime cost and assuring imaging excellence guaranteeing our customers the maximum value on their investment.

Dunlee - South Hall A, Booth 1346

Dunlee to showcase its expanded product portfolio at RSNA. Dunlee, a leading provider of quality CT, X-ray, MR products and 3D-printed tungsten components, announces an expanded portfolio for the OEM and replacement market. Highlights at the Dunlee RSNA booth are the turn-key CT product bundles, which consist of a tube, generator, cooling unit and high-voltage cables as well as a CT detector for low to high-end CT Systems. Next to the CT bundles Dunlee will also presents it’s MR magnets and RF amplifier, as well as CT Replacement tubes

Kopp Development - South Hall A, Booth 1406

Latest Innovation in MRI Safety: Kopp Development Inc., the leading manufacturer of ferromagnetic detectors for MRI Safety is proud to set course to the most comprehensive safety solution, FerrAlert™ Encompass, that automatically detects and logs unintended ferromagnetic objects entering Zone IV. It is the only system that provides a photographic stream and does not require manual logging, thus allowing the technologists to perform uninterrupted patient care without wasting time with self-reporting. The data analysis software allows effortless generation of reports for The Joint Commission inspections. It also allows for the analysis of safety trends that can be shared throughout the entire hospital system.

AFC Industries - South Hall A, Booth 1702

Sit. Stand. Raise monitors. Lower monitors. Move them in. Move them out. Different users. Different needs. Electronically height-adjustable at the touch of a button. Independent adjustment of monitor height and focal length for optimal viewing. These are the building blocks of AFC’s ergonomic workstations.

When you visit AFC Industries’ booth (#1702) at this year’s RSNA, you will see what one company, committed to ergonomics, is doing to improve worker productivity while maintaining an effective and efficient workplace. You will see the latest in Height Adjustable Workstations and Reading Tables; Monitor Mounting Systems; Point of Care, Laptop, Tablet Carts and much more.

Beekley Medical - South Hall A, Booth 1802

Positively impact patients’ lives and improve clinical outcomes with Beekley Medical. Our wide range of skin markers, biopsy, and patient care devices help medical imaging, surgical and radiation oncology professionals improve communication, productivity and the patient experience.

iFIX patient stabilization system helps increase patient comfort while ensuring stability of soft and hard tissue to avoid undesirable movements during procedure. iFIX’s Fleece and other single-use components allow for increased hygiene and lower the risk of cross-contamination over other methods. Ideal for use in CT, MRI, X-Ray, Fluoroscopy, and Ultrasound. Distributed by Beekley Corporation within the United States and its territories.

Kubtec - South Hall A, Booth 1906

At Kubtec®, our passion is producing imaging systems that enable medical professionals to provide the best quality of care for patients. This year, we will be featuring the first showing of the new Mozart® Supra System. Based on Kubtec's proprietary tomosynthesis platform, this ground-breaking system brings intelligent 3D imaging to the Operating Room and the Pathology Lab. The Mozart® and Mozart® Supra Systems, are the only specimen X-ray systems with 3-D Tomosynthesis, giving radiologists, surgeons and pathologists, superior visualization of tumor margins during breast cancer surgery. Used at centers of excellence worldwide, our award-winning imaging systems ensure the highest level of performance and quality of care.

Nationwide Imaging Services Inc. - South Hall A, Booth 1965

NATIONWIDE IMAGING IS NOW A MERRY X-RAY COMPANY. Nationwide provides pre-owned, diagnostic imaging equipment, parts and service to the healthcare community, including hospitals, imaging centers and private practices. Nationwide's unparalleled selection of imaging equipment includes MRIs, CT scanners, gamma cameras, mammography, ultrasounds, PET scanners, special procedure rooms and all mobile modalities. Due to the Quality Policy of Nationwide Imaging Services, Inc., pre-owned imaging equipment that is purchased at Nationwide is eligible for an OEM service contract. Nationwide offers innovative solutions including Parts, Service Contracts,Turnkey Projects, and Installation Assistance, and is ISO 13485:2016 certified. Experience Makes The Difference!

CIRS - South Hall A, Booth 2300

CIRS, a Castleray company, is recognized worldwide for tissue simulation technology and as the leader in the manufacture of phantoms and simulators for radiation therapy QA and dosimetry, diagnostic imaging and quality assurance including training and demonstration phantoms for all imaging modalities.

CIRS is highlighting two NEW phantoms at RSNA; the Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography phantom and the Multi-Energy CT phantom. The Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography (CESM) Phantom demonstrates the presence & absence of iodine in tissues while the Multi-Energy CT (MECT) Phantom is designed to assure accurate performance and consistency of Multi-Energy CT scans. Visit us at Booth 2300.

Volpara Solutions - South Hall A, Booth 2565

Volpara® Solutions™ Launches a New Version of Volpara®Live!™ at RSNA

Volpara Solutions is launching a new version of VolparaLive! at RSNA 2018 (South Hall #2565). The VolparaLive! system automatically analyzes patient positioning and compression and provides real-time feedback to Technologists. It is mammography's first real-time decision support system available at the point of care. Designed to help technologists acquire consistent, high quality mammograms, VolparaLive! puts data in the technologists' hands before the patient leaves the room. This helps optimize productivity, reduce costs through the reduction of retakes, and increase staff effectiveness.

Volpara also announced that it has received new FDA 510(k) clearances for technologies used in Volpara®Enterprise™ software and the Volpara®Density™ clinical application. The new clearances expand the types of information that Volpara algorithms can provide to clinicians.
VolparaEnterprise software is the only solution available that provides a comprehensive assessment of image quality on every mammogram, including positioning and compression, which the FDA attributes as the cause of most clinical image deficiencies and failures of accreditation.

Rayence - South Hall A, Booth 2958

Full Line of Digital Imaging Products.

A full line of digital imaging products for a wide variety of imaging applications ranging from Outpatient to Chiropractic, Podiatry to Veterinary x-ray will be highlighted this year at our RSNA 2018 exhibit.

Displayed at the booth will be a new 140 micron pixel format i-Series flat panel detector offering lower patient dose without increased quantum mottle. In addition, a variable SID x-ray table allowing both vertical and horizontal 72-inch beam imaging highlights will be one of several premier alternative DR market products featured at the booth as well.

MedSpares.com - South Hall A, Booth 3379

MedSpares.com is a global supplier of used diagnostic imaging spare parts. Since April 2016 we have been proud to carry only OEM parts, and our ever-changing inventory keeps us competitive in a demanding field. We take great pride and care to only sell spare parts that have been professionally removed from working systems by our specially trained technical team. With 50 years of combined experience their knowledge base in CT, MRI and X-ray technology is simply world class. Our commitment is to keep things simple and affordable for our customers. That's why we will only ever advertise parts that we have in-house, ready to ship. We want the process of getting your system back up and running to be as seamless and as cost-effective as possible.

QView Medical - South Hall A, Booth 3572

QView Medical Showcases FDA Approved AI system for Concurrent Reading of ABUS Exams.

QVCAD, the first AI CAD system FDA-Approved for concurrent reading of Automated Breast Ultrasound (ABUS) exams, reduces interpretation time of screening ABUS exams by 33 percent while maintaining diagnostic accuracy. Being showcased at RSNA for the first time since being approved, the system utilizes deep learning algorithms to detect suspicious areas in the breast and highlights those areas for radiologists’ review. To improve reader productivity, QVCAD provides a C-thru image of all volumes in a standard ABUS exam to provide an immediately visual overview of the case. Users may select any CAD mark or area of interest on the CAD Navigator image and the corresponding original ABUS images will be displayed, enabling users to efficiently review the entire ABUS case.

Vieworks Co., Ltd. - South Hall A, Booth 3711

Vieworks offers the most advanced flat panel detectors and software for digital radiography and digital fluoroscopy. Since 1999, Vieworks has been one of the leading manufacturers of X-ray detector with advanced digital medical imaging processing, robust hardware design, and excellent usability. The in-house R&D team of Vieworks designs, develops, and manufactures to provide the best solution for your needs. Visit us at RSNA booth #3711, South Hall to learn more about our DR solution of flat panel detectors, image acquisition software, and streamlined PACS.

IMEDCO - South Hall A, Booth 3737

IMEDCO designs, manufactures, installs and certifies customized MR and MEG shielding products/services worldwide for renovations and new construction. Offerings include high performance RFI and Magnetic Enclosures, low frequency electromagnetic shielding and RF accessories. This year's exhibit will feature the latest design enhancements on IMEDCO RF entryways, accessories, seismic design packages and the latest in Ferrous Metal Detection products that can be uniquely integrated into IMEDCO packages.

IMEDCO's patented line of SilentSHIELD™ products can address site concerns related to noise and vibration. We also can assist in Departmental Risk Management, Safety and in Accreditation compliance efforts. Contact IMEDCO® sales and service for all your shielding needs.

iCAD - South Hall A, Booth 3911; North Hall B, Booth 8161

iCAD is a global medical technology leader providing innovative cancer detection and therapy solutions. iCAD's advanced Breast Health Solutions suite is engineered to optimize operational efficiency, promote clinician confidence and deliver patient outcomes. The suite connects more than 6,000 mammography systems for 2D, 3D and density assessment worldwide. Visit booth 3911 to discover a revolutionary breast tomosynthesis cancer detection solution built on artificial intelligence. This high-performance, clinically-proven technology identifies malignant masses and calcifications on breast tomosynthesis studies, helping radiologists read faster with greater certainty and confidence.* Learn more about how iCAD's innovative solutions can significantly improve cancer detection rates, decrease recall rates, and reduce reading time at RSNA 2018.
**Pending FDA Clearance, CE Marked. Health Canada Licensed.

Varex Imaging - South Hall A, Booth 3929 & 4129

At Varex Imaging, we aren't just a supplier to our customers. We aim to be an extension of their teams; a partner in their success; a solution to their problem. Our goal is to help our customers become world-class system suppliers by strengthening their competitiveness and enabling them to bring products to market faster. Our rich history spans 65+ years of dedication to the imaging industry. Our knowledge, our people, and our innovation make us who we are. At Varex Imaging, we are Solutions in Sight™.

W7 Global - South Hall A, Booth 3954

New, used, and refurbished x-ray tubes regularly kept in inventory, especially for CT, cardiovascular, and x-ray equipment. Parts, detectors, and tubes for other modalities are also available. W7 Global's focus is on tubes and parts to support independent service organizations with their needs and growth. We offer friendly service, decades of experience, and fast delivery.

Cool Pair Plus - South Hall A, Booth 4042

Since 1995, Cool Pair Plus has been providing the MRI and cryogenic industry with coldheads, compressors, adsorbers, flex lines and cryocoolers. We are ISO 13485:2016 certified and strive to provide only the best products and services to our customers. Our OEM-certified engineers travel worldwide providing on-site turkey installations and MRI magnet service for Sumitomo, Balzers, Leybold and APD systems. Services include on-site repair, cryogen sales and fill services, cooldowns, pumpdowns, ramping and shimming. We also offer in-house cold magnet storage and remote magnet monitoring.

OneMedNet Corporation - South Hall A, Booth 4565; North Hall B, Booth 7367

OneMedNet Corporation provides innovative solutions that unlock the significant value contained within the clinical image archives of healthcare providers. The company's initial flagship product, BEAM®, facilitates the secure and rapid exchange of images to improve patient care while reducing healthcare system costs. Leveraging this expertise, OneMedNet has expanded its focus to include new workflow solutions, as well as research data mining and monetization opportunities. For more information, visit our South Hall booth #4565 or kiosk #7367 within the "Machine Learning" area.

LG Electronics USA Business Solutions - South Hall A, Booth 4729

As an industry leader in commercial digital signage and hospitality TVs, LG Business Solutions brings years of expertise in advanced flat-panel display technology to the rapidly growing medical imaging industry. In expanding their medical display portfolio, the company is ensuring that healthcare providers across America have access to the most accurate displays possible. LG’s cutting-edge medical imaging displays are designed to meet a variety of hospital needs, including consultation rooms, surgical suites and radiography rooms. On display at RSNA 2018 are LG’s new 4K Surgical Monitor, 8MP Clinical Review Monitor, 1.3MP Clinical Review Monitor and more.

LMT Medical Systems GmbH - South Hall A, Booth 4952

With the ground-breaking development of their MR diagnostics incubator for the transport and MRI examination of infants, Luebeck’s own LMT Medical Systems GmbH has revolutionized pediatric radiology. Situated at the intersection of radiology and neonatology, the system allows premature babies and unstable newborns to be transported directly from the NICU into the MR suite for examination by optimal, non-invasive Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Before, infants with intensive medical careneeds,a nd especially babies born before the 37th week of pregnancy, were unable to undergo an MRI examination safely.

LINAK U.S. Inc - South Hall A, Booth 5121

For more than 30 years, LINAK has provided powerful, reliable and safe movement to medically approved actuator systems for healthcare applications around the world. Modern imaging equipment is required to perform extremely precise positioning. The key to providing this is a combination of sufficient power and advanced control systems capable of performing multiple adjustment tasks simultaneously. Showcased at the booth will be the new LC3 lifting column that sets the standard for vertical lifting columns used in high-end medical applications.

Ernie's Welding & Fabricating, Inc - South Hall A, Booth 5129

In business since 1972, we are a leading MRI vent manufacturer, able to ship worldwide. We design and build quality helium gas evacuation lines for MRI machines. We here at Ernie's are dedicated to manufacturing top quality cryogen vents for all MRI manufactures. We strive to meet, and exceed, our customers' requirements.

Rapport - South Hall A, Booth 5157

Rapport will be previewed at RSNA this year! If you are attending, let's meet up at our booth to experience our latest. State of the art product.

Rapport provides a reassuring two way audio and video link between the MRI patient and the technologist, plus a complete patient entertainment system. It's the cost-effective solution to increase patient comfort, reduce stress, and limit the need for sedation.

Experience Rapport at RSNA 2018, McCormick Place.

KUKA - South Hall A, Booth 5167

KUKA is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial robots. The company’s robots range from 3kg to 1,300kg payloads, and 540mm to 4,000mm reach, all controlled from a common PC based controller platform. KUKA robots are utilized in a diverse range of industries including pharmaceutical and medical. The KUKA LBR Med is the newest robot innovation for the medical sector acting as a helpful assistant in the operating room. The LBR Med can be used to assist with endoscopy or biopsies, to use lasers to cut bones or to insert pedicle screws while even being IEC 60601-1 certified.

North Hall B:

Medical Coaches - North Hall B, Booth 6000

Medical Coaches Inc. (established in 1949) is a privately held, highly specialized manufacturer of custom mobile units, compliant to ISO 9001 standards. They have delivered thousands of mobile units to 110 countries and all 50 States, specializing in MRI, PET/CT, CT, mammography, dental, television, health screening, etc. For more information about Medical Coaches' products and services, visit our RSNA booth.

Advanced Imaging Systems & Dedicated Imaging Solutions - North Hall B, Booth 6248

This strategic alliance will position AIS to expand its full-service capabilities to a national and international arena, and will poise Dedicated Imaging Solutions for accelerated growth in becoming one of the top suppliers in the industry to offer fully refurbished, system tested parts and equipment.

It is our mission to supply customers with dynamic, real-time, tangible solutions by providing the highest level of quality Medical Imaging Equipment, Parts, and Service. Our team of industry professionals proudly operates under an ISO-13485 Quality Management System, ensuring the success of our mission.

Resonance Technology, Inc. - North Hall B, Booth 6310

Resonance Technology, Inc. is the leader in state-of-the-art MRI-Compatible Audio/Video systems. On display at RSNA booth #6310 will be the CinemaVision, VisuaStim, Serene Sound, 4K 32-inch & 3D 49-inch MagnetVision Displays and Projection system. Come get a firsthand look at the unmatched clarity with brilliant color & crystal-clear picture quality out of any MR-Compatible visual stimulation device offered by Resonance Technology, Inc. Live interactive demos of the systems will give onlookers a feel for the two-way communication between patient & radiologist. More information about all Resonance Technology, Inc. distributed products is available at RSNA booth #6310.

EIZO Inc. - North Hall B, Booth 6328

We are celebrating our 50th Anniversary! EIZO, which means image in Japanese, is a visual technology company that develops and manufactures high-end display solutions. EIZO is one of the leading health care brands worldwide in medical imaging solutions for the digital era with over 50 years developing and manufacturing innovative display solutions designed for mission critical applications. EIZO integrates hardware and software technologies with consulting, web hosting and other services to help customers in business, graphics, gaming, medicine, maritime and air traffic control. Headquartered in Hakusan, Japan, EIZO has R&D and manufacturing facilities in Japan, China, Germany, and the U.S.

RTI - North Hall B, Booth 6527

RTI offers the complete QA and HTM solutions for X-ray modalities and facilities. Our family of meters include both the Cobia and Piranha lines. Plug-N-Play technology provides for easy set-up and wirelessly interfaces to your PC or Windows tablet for documentation with RTI's Ocean software. Please contact us to arrange an onsite demonstration for any of our quality assurance solutions.

Mirion Technologies - North Hall B, Booth 6532

Mirion Technologies Dosimetry Services offers personal radiation detection dosimetry services for a wide range of industries, specializing in health care. Our line of badge, ring and eye dosimeters simplify radiation monitoring management and administration, reduce costs and provide quick assurance of a safe workspace. Our Instadose+ dosimeter with Bluetooth technology offers high dose notification alerts, online badge reassignments and on-demand dose reads available online via mobile device or computer. Best of all, YOU KEEP YOUR BADGE! The Instadose+ eliminates the need for badge collecting, returning, and redistributing! NVLAP accredited. GET YOUR SPECIAL RSNA ATTENDEE PRICING NOW!

Biomorph - North Hall B, Booth 6600

Through built-in ergonomics, Biomorph improves efficiency and well-being in radiology reading rooms. Biomorph tables feature multi-level, instantly adjustable motorized sit-to-standing surfaces which create an optimal rock-solid reading experience, available in dual surface and single surface versions, as well as corner and linear designs. Designed with comfort, good health and productivity in mind, Biomorph radiology furniture is available in multiple configurations to suit the most demanding users and facilities.

Oxford Instruments Healthcare - North Hall B, Booth 6602

Oxford Instruments Healthcare specializes in providing MRI and CT maintenance services, equipment sales, quality parts and MRI, CT, PET/CT and NM mobile imaging solutions. With a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals, real-time field service management technology, Oi Vision remote system monitoring and nationwide service, Oxford Instruments Healthcare has the infrastructure and resources to deliver world-class service and support. The Oxford Instruments Healthcare team strictly adheres to our ISO 13485 certified processes to ensure quality to our customers and correspondingly have achieved an unmatched reputation for quality and integrity while providing much needed cost savings and value to its customers.

Radiology Oncology Systems (ROS) - North Hall B, Booth 6708

Radiology Oncology Systems (ROS) was formed in 1997 with the goal of providing radiation oncology and diagnostic imaging facilities around the world with quality, cost-effective solutions (i.e. linear accelerators, CT Scanners, PET/CT and MRI systems and other ancillary products.) We also provide installation, parts support and warranty, as well as room/vault upgrades and modifications.

At ROS, we believe that every cancer patient in the world should have access to quality radiation therapy for their treatment and care and that every sick or injured person deserves to have their illness or injury diagnosed with quality imaging equipment. Every year, we continue to discover more opportunities to place quality, used equipment in areas that otherwise could not sustain quality, healthcare facilities.We support every clinician who seeks to expand the reach of medical care to areas that would not otherwise support it.

JVC Healthcare - North Hall B, Booth 6723

JVC, a highly recognized and trusted brand, is now taking over TOTOKU monitors as of July 1st, 2018. For decades, JVC's unmatched technologies and expertise have opened doors to groundbreaking advancements in numerous industrial markets. JVC now comes in the healthcare market for the paradigm shift. When all products are quintessentially similar, discerning one form another is more difficult. While the JVC medical display product lines come to prove its supremacy on the mundane features, they are loaded with useful unthinkable features, new-patented technology and invention for a superb experience for the users. Ask us HOW?

Biodex Medical Systems, Inc - North Hall B, Booth 6810

The reputation for excellence continues with the Biodex line of Surgical C-Arm Tables. Beneath the new stainless steel aesthetic are details to improve the entire process, including a larger radiolucent area and more finite control. Plus the 840 and 846 tables feature an exclusive SmoothGlide™ movement that floats the tabletop as if on air.

True for all Biodex Surgical C-Arm Tables, the radiolucent area is free of cross members. Functional design provides complete anatomical access, and when used with the Biodex Radiation Shields will reduce radiation exposure to clinicians. Patient comfort translates to faster throughput and better diagnostic results.

Universal Shielding Corp. - North Hall B, Booth 7111

Universal Shielding Corp. was established in 1972 and has provided over 20,000 RF Shielded Enclosures throughout the world. USC is recognized as a leader in the medical industry for providing safe, interference-free environments for MRI. Our experienced staff of designers, engineers, manufacturing staff, and installation crews have the necessary in depth knowledge to meet the shielded enclosure requirements of all MRI vendors. USC can offer solutions for new RF Shielded Enclosures and enclosure upgrades, as well as offer a full line of accessories for a variety of MRI environments. We are extremely proud of our reputation for on-time delivery, safety, reliability, and expertise.

MAVIG GmbH - North Hall B, Booth 7129

MAVIG GmbH is excited to display the GD60 Extended Dual Arm Monitor Suspension System for large monitor displays. The higher weight load capacity of 120 kg (242 lbs.) and a reach of 224 cm (88 in.) enables close range viewing for a system mounting out of the sterile zone. The latest addition to the MAVIG Portegra2 System is the MAVIG YLED Examination lamp. It's unique and ergonomic design optimizes LED light field for a focusable examination lamp for the interventional and angiographic imaging environment. It's a fresh new look that provides improved handling and easier cleaning. The smooth, continuous surface helps give the lamp head an IP44 rating, eliminating areas of debris buildup and better protection from harsh chemical agents during thorough hospital cleaning. MAVIG's full line of radiation protective aprons, glasses, gloves and other accessories complete the radiation protection product line.

Hitachi Healthcare - North Hall B, Booth 7313

Delivering best in class medical imaging technologies for healthcare providers, Hitachi's MRI, CT and Ultrasound provide speed, comfort and quality for physicians and patients. On display is the highest field open MR, OASIS and the widest wide bore, Echelon Oval MRI. Hitachi will preview its newest CT and US solutions. International guests can review the Trillium 3T MR and the SMART MR. Version 4.2 of Hitachi's VidiStar image management and reporting platform will be demonstrating value-based reports leveraging a cloud-based architecture. Hitachi will also showcase its latest in Artificial Intelligence for medical imaging. Innovating Healthcare, Embracing the Future

AADCO Medical, Inc. - North Hall B, Booth #7326

AADCO Medical, Inc. is an OEM specializing in the design of Medical Imaging equipment and accessories. AADCO's innovative product line features the world's only MRI-Safe™ Overhead Suspension Systems. This year at RSNA, AADCO will also feature a digital flat panel retrofit kit designed specifically for the GE/OEC 9800 C-arm. The CMOS Retrofit extends the life of existing 9800 C-arms and provides vast improvement in both image quality and patient outcome. Hundreds of AADCO's other exclusive products include personal protection equipment, attenuation drapes, tables, barriers, shields, lighting, and more. Many of AADCO's equipment items are available MRI-Safe®.

Richardson Healthcare - North Hall B, Booth 7330

Richardson Healthcare will showcase A Better Choice for CT tubes, replacement parts, hands-on service training, and MRI coils. Join us for a look at our new CT Tube – the ALTA750™. Be among the first to enroll in next year's CT training courses through our new calendar, and learn about our P3 partnership programs.

SouthWest Medical Resources - North Hall B, Booth 7408

SouthWest Medical Resources is a world-class independent service organization offering complete sales, service and rental solutions for Diagnostic Imaging Equipment.

Founded and managed by a team of highly specialized service engineers, SwMR is there when you need them most with an on-call service and parts response team, and complete in-house refurbishment service.

SwMR also provides complete remote monitoring of your imaging equipment through the Remote Diagnostic Unit so you know that your equipment, climate, network, and power are all being maintained, saving you time and money.

Visit SwMR to learn how they can perform any service necessary to keep you and your imaging equipment up and running.

CryoSRV - North Hall B, Booth 7708

Schaumburg, IL - CryoSRV is an independent cryogenic service organization focused on providing a high quality, low cost alternative for re-manufactured MRI parts. Our parts are tested to tighter tolerances than the OEM.

Using the CryoSRV *multi-vendor* monitoring system, we ensure your MRI's cryogenic system functions optimally 24/7. Our monitoring system will send alerts to our trained staff for a low monthly fee with no upfront hardware fees.

CryoSRV offers our customers a superior service experience. We work hard to exceed your expectations. For more information about CryoSRV visit us at RSNA.

Novarad - North Hall B, Booth 7913

For over 20 years, Novarad has enabled healthcare providers to solve their imaging problems through its full diagnostic suite. Today, Novarad’s specialized enterprise imaging and workflow solutions continue to improve upon industry standards and empower healthcare providers everywhere to work more efficiently and provide precision care. Through user-configurable workflow and imaging solutions, Novarad manages both DICOM and non-DICOM images by transitioning the storage of images and patient information from drives and disparate archives to a VNA. Novarad will exhibit at RSNA in Chicago.

Aegys - North Hall B, Booth 7958

Aegys is the development team behind TechGate® AUTO, the automatically deployed LED-lit MRI room warning barrier system. The TechGate® AUTO provides on-demand access control and warning notification in compliance with the newly enacted accreditation standards of the Joint Commission and American College of Radiology. The latest automation functional enhancement ensures the solution is utilized 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and eliminates the technologist responsibility for engaging manual safety restraints such as plastic chains and retractable belts upon each and every entry into the MRI room.

Aegys will also be demonstrating the CEIA Handheld PD240CH revolutionary MRI room metal screening/identification technology. This technology is the only solution capable of operating on ferrous-only mode or all-metal mode of detection, providing protection against projectile hazards as well as patient injuries due to RF-induced heating of non-ferrous metallic materials.

Visit Aegys for a demonstration of our latest MRI safety technologies.

RamSoft Inc. - North Hall B, Booth 8100

RamSoft is a leading radiology software and services company, dedicated to improving patient care through the development of fully customizable, feature-rich, healthcare IT solutions. Built using cutting-edge, single database technology, our PACS, RIS/PACS, teleradiology, mammography, and DICOM router software enables healthcare practices to optimize their workflow, cut costs, and overall, improve patient care.

MedInformatix - North Hall B, Booth 8126

Named one of The 10 Most Trusted Practice Management Solution Providers for 2018, MedInformatix is delivering tomorrow’s healthcare information technology today. New for 2018 is the launch of MI-BI, a powerful business intelligence tool that transforms practice data into visually intuitive reports for enhanced decision making via desktop or mobile device preference. Stop by our booth to meet our product development and technology teams and learn how we can develop a RIS that meets the needs of your practice – and take part in the 2018 State of RIS Survey

medQ, Inc. - North Hall B, Booth 8135

medQ provides an enterprise imaging workflow software including a heads-up dashboard to manage your business metrics, real time. The Q/ris 3000 is standards based workflow including; ordering, scheduling, technologist operations, through to automated report distribution and billing. This year we are highlighting our Reporting PLUS+ software, designed by radiologists, which includes Automated DICOM structured reporting and dose collection with closed loop, fully automated critical findings reporting. medQ is partnering with Availity to provide their AuthPal solution fully integrated with the ordering module. We are now available as an on-site or cloud based solution.

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