For Sale ELEKTA Synergy Linear Accelerator

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  • November 12, 2017
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Specifications for ELEKTA Synergy Linear Accelerator

S/N: 151358 Year of Manufacture: June 2006

Item Summary for ELEKTA Synergy Linear Accelerator

System Information & Availability

Manufacturer Elekta
Model Synergy + Agility
Serial Number 151358
Date of Manufacture Jun-06
Installation Date Jul-06

System Specifications:

Photon Energies 6MV and 15MV
Electron Energies 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18 MeV
Does it have a beamstopper? No
Does it have independent Jaws? yes, fully asymmetric
If so, single or dual? single
Type of couch Precise
Dose Rate 700


Console software version Integrity 3.2
Does it have IMRT software? yes
If so, does it have dMLC? yes
Does it have autofield sequencing? yes
What type of Record & Verify software? Mosaiq


Workstation sw version XVI 5.0.2
OBI original with machine or upgraded? orginial
All Phantoms and filters available? yes

Name of service provider:
Contact name: xxxxxxxx
Phone number: +44 778 xxxxxxxx
For how long? entire lifetime
Are the service records complete? yes
Are they available for review? yes

Is it currently installed? yes
Is it operational? yes
Total beam hours (High Voltage): 2133.2
Current patient load up to 40 per day
Does it have a klystron or magnetron? magnetron
Age of the klystron or magnetron new - install date 8/08/2017
Age of the RF Driver, if applicable
Age of the waveguide 11years
Age of the gun/target Gun August 2016, Target 2006

Spare parts:
Is the spare parts kit complete? No
If not, what % is remaining?
Are spares available along with system?

Multileaf Collimator
MLC Model Agility
Number of Leaves 160
MLC Software Version Integrity 3.2
MLC Manufacture Date Jun-13

Portal Imaging
Manufacturer Iview
Model Iview GT
Date of Manufacture original with install
Date panel was last replaced 01/03/2013

Base Frame
What type of base frame? synergy gantry base
If VEO, is it a "dropping floor?" no
Can it be removed along with system? yes

Is there a clear path for removal? yes
Any special considerations?


Please contact me for all the photo's taken of this Linear Accelerator
We can arrange removal and storage of this machine for you


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