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This Item is no longer available

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For Sale UNITRON Microscope Parts

LISTING #938659
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  • November 07, 2015
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Item Summary

Boom Pole Stand

DESIGN and BUILD a NEW UNITRON STEREO MICROSCOPE WITH STATE OF THE ART UNITRON COMPONENTS or ACCENTUATE YOUR STEREO MICROSCOPE WITH UNITRON PARTS. Unitron/Japan has been a well-known and highly respected manufacturer of fine microscopes and telescopes for over 50 years. Their stereo microscopes are often compared to Zeiss, Leica, Olympus and Nikon microscopes and with a multitude of universal/modular offerings you can be assured there will be a product or two that catches your eye!

Please check some of our other listings in our DotMed Store as well as our web site for complete microscopes as well as individual components like stands, stereo viewing bodies, illuminators, documentation accessories, binoculars, and phototubes, etc.

When designing your stereo microscope there are 4 main components you will want to consider. Those components include the stereo microscope STAND, VIEWING BODY, ILLUMINATION, and DOCUMENTATION/IMAGING accessories. Also, in selecting the best microscope and illumination for your applications it will be very beneficial to know the magnification 'range' your specimens will require, if there are 'working distance' (WD) requirements, the type of illumination that will be necessary, and whether there is a current need or future need for documention by creating video and/or digital files.


The type of stand and illumination you select is in many cases dictated by the types of specimens you will be viewing. This is it is important to start with the types of specimens you will be viewing and proceed from that point.

Unitron offers 7 stands to cover the wide range of applications:

Plain focusing stand;
Pole stand; (see image)
LED Illuminator stand;
Boom stand;
Ball Bearing stand;
Articulating Arm stand;
Diascopic stand with mirror in base (ie, embryo transfer, etc.).

Focusing boom pole stand with universal 76mm pod holder/port is the universal size accepting the vast majority of stereo pods whether they are Olympus, Nikon, Zeiss, Leica, Meiji, etc. Please email or call for full specifications.


When comparing stereo microscope you will want to consider features like the following:

Built-in Magnification range specifications;
Zoom Ratio;
Eyepiece Magnification;
Binocular or Binocular Photo-tube for photography;
Working Distance;
Field of View;
Depth of field;
Lens correction: achromat,planachromat,planapochromat;
Parfocality adjustments;
Interface and compatability with industry standards;

All are necessary considerations when choosing a stereo microscope viewing body to suit your needs and to cover a myriad variety of specimen types.

Unitron offers one of the widest selections of stereo microscopes in the profession.

Series Z880 CMO Zoom Series includes:

Z10 Stereo Zoom with 10:1 zoom ratio, 8x-80x mag range, 7 step magnification levels;

Z8 Stereo Zoom with 8:1 zoom ratio, 8x-64x mag range, 7 step magnification levels;

Z6 Stereo Zoom with 6.3:1 zoom ratio, 8x-50x mag range,7 step magnification levels;

The Z850 Zoom, Z730, FS30, viewing bodies are also available.

All of the stereo viewing bodies are being listed individually and as complete microscope outfits with stands, illuminators, etc.


Built in illumination or auxiliary illumination? That is a universal question for all stereo microscope users. Basically all illuminators fall into those two main categories: built-in and auxiliary. There is a wide selection as far as the kind of light source is required such as LED (light emitting diode), halogen, fiber optic, etc.

If you are planning to do any documentation and want the most accurate color reproductions, LED is the best for both types of imaging. LED illumination is balanced perfectly at Daylight color temperatures, at least 5500 degrees Kelvin making it ideal for documentation. This is a sampling of some of our illumination options:

LED Illuminator stand with built-in transmitted light (beneath the specimen) and reflected light (above the specimen). The LED bulbs never need changing and are cold to the touch unlike illuminators in the past. This makes the LED illuminators ideal for microscope use.

Fiber Optic Illuminators are specialized sources that bring focused light for precision accuracy and articulation.
They come in a wide variety of sources including ring lights that attach to the nosepiece of the microscope and dual light guides for light manipulation at it's best.


We offer MicroMetrics cameras for digital still imaging and Mintron CCD cameras for real time video imaging options.
Please check our DotMed Store and our website for more information.


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