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OB / GYN For Sale and Wanted

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M-Cast,Inc.----We supply All you need!

Our office and showroom are located in Tokyo. We are handling almost all kinds of used medical equipments. We sell only the finest equipments which are stored in a huge warehouse to the world.Quality is our primary commitment

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We are the leading export company for used & refurbished Ultrasounds with top notch customer service & excellent equipment to serve you. We carry top brands including Medison, Toshiba, GE and Aloka. Call +82-10-9264-7574.

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TOSHIBA Nemio OB / GYN Ultrasound For Sale

Toshiba Nemio Ultrasound DOM: 2001 Probes: 6mhz curved ; 3.75 mhz curved ; 12 mhz linear... view more

December 03  

PHILIPS HD11XE OB / GYN Ultrasound For Sale

Philips HD11 Ultrasound DOM: 2005 Probes: Probes: C5-2 ; L 9-3 ; L12-5 ; C8-4v... view more

December 03  

GE Voluson E8 OB / GYN Ultrasound For Sale

GE VOLUSON E8 for Sale, YOM 11/2015, BT16. Still used, waiting for you to be exchanged with NEWER ultrasound of customer. It is available with two transducers - RAB4-8D and RIC5-9. The unit is... view more

December 03

Asking Price:
€15,000 EUR

December 03

Asking Price:
$400 USD


TOSHIBA Nemio MX OB / GYN Ultrasound For Sale

Toshiba Nemio MX Ultrasound - S/N: 99A1293654 - Year of Manufacture: 2012 - Model: SSA-590A - 2 transducers, not in top condition: PVM-651VT endovaginal / PVM-375AT convex - Toshiba TA311 LCD... view more

December 02

Asking Price:
€3,500 EUR

Mediproma B.V.
phone: +31 184670479

ALOKA Prosound 6 OB / GYN Ultrasound For Sale

Aloka Prosound Alpha 6 Premier Ultrasound system - Year of Manufacture: 2013 - 2 transducers: UST-9101 convex / UST-9118 endovaginal Please come back to us for further questions or for more... view more

December 02  

HITACHI Preirus OB / GYN Ultrasound For Sale

Hitachi Preirus ultrasound system including 3 probes mfg 2009 Convex Probe abdominale Micro convex Probe abdominale endocavitry probe vaginal Please contact us for any questions WhatsApp +33... view more

December 02  

SIEMENS ADARA OB / GYN Ultrasound For Sale

6 ultrasons Siemens ADARA with 2 probes each convexe 3.5 MHz endocavitry in very good conditions ... view more

December 02

Asking Price:
€1,550 EUR


PHILIPS HD11 XE inkl. V6-2 3D/4D, C8-4V, L12-5 Sonden OB / GYN Ultrasound For Sale

Philips HD11 XE Inkl.: V6-2 3D/4D Sonde L12-5 Linear Sonde C8-4V Vaginal Sonde Sony UP-D897 S/W Printer ... view more

December 02  

SIEMENS S2000 HELX EVO TOUCH OB / GYN Ultrasound For Sale

For sale Siemens ACUSON S2000 HELX Evolution TOUCH Ultrasound System + 3 probes New upgraded model, with wide screen Manufactured: 2016 TRANSDUCERS: 9L4, 6C1 HD, 18L6 HD (We can supply other... view more

December 02

Asking Price:
€12,990 EUR


GE Voluson E8 RSA OB / GYN Ultrasound For Sale

GE Voluson E8 RSA BT21 DOM: 03-2022 Probe: RAB6-D, ML6-15-D, IC5-9-D S/N: E49894 B/W Video Printer In perfect working order! Sold as pictured. Returns Policy. Item is sold as is, no returns... view more

December 02  
Alexej Lapschin / Sonolog
phone: +49 15123434131

GE Voluson S8 OB / GYN Ultrasound For Sale

- GE Voluson S8 ultrasound device with 3 probes and printer in very good condition: . 4D Convex probe RAB4-8RS (2021) . Linear probe ML6-15RS (2015) . Vaginal probe E8CRS (2019) . Sony Printer .... view more

December 02  
Nourredine Sassi / TeckMED
phone: +49 17661107729

PHILIPS Epiq 7W OB / GYN Ultrasound For Sale

Philips Epiq 7W Matrix YOM: 2016 SW: 9.0.5 INCLUDED: Printer Probes : - C5-1 - C10-3v - C9-2 OPTION LIST: Breast Fatal Echo Gyn OBSmall Parts xMatrix Performance Anatomic MMode... view more

December 01  
Rafal Pizon / Medsystems
phone: +48 0048535156650
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OB/GYN equipment is used to diagnose and treat conditions related to obstetrics and gynecology. This equipment can range from ultrasound machines to fetal monitors and other specialized tools used in the delivery room. Ultrasound machines are used to detect and monitor fetal development, as well as diagnose abnormalities. Fetal monitors are used to measure the fetal heart rate, contractions, and other vital signs during labor and delivery. Other specialized tools used in the delivery room include forceps, vacuum extractors, and scalpels.

The price range for OB/GYN equipment varies depending on the type of equipment and the manufacturer. Ultrasound machines can range from $10,000 to $100,000, while fetal monitors can range from $2,000 to $20,000. Other specialized tools used in the delivery room can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. Major manufacturers of OB/GYN equipment include GE Healthcare, Philips Healthcare, Siemens Healthineers, and Mindray.