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Elite Packages



Enterprise Package Highlights!

The Enterprise Package starts with 500 Pro Upgraded Listings, and includes at no extra cost a Premium Virtual Trade Show Booth, and a Company WebStore.

The Enterprise Package is recommended for aggressive dealers who want to reach the highest number of potential buyers on DOTmed. See the key features below and all the features in the Upgrade Center.

All features offered in the Executive level are part of the Enterprise package with the addition of Buy Now Buttons (powered by PayPal or Stripe), in-listing video and extra-large listing images to promote your items.

Compared with the Executive Level packages, there are a few options in the elite level that allow for the greatest amount of exposure for your company. You get a max of up to 20 photos and two of the most important features - renew your listings every 8 days and increase your search weight to 9 out of 10!

Buy Now Button on Listings

Get paid instantly and have your clients close the deal right away. Buy Now buttons are powered by PayPal or by Stripe. Signing up for one of those services is all you need to start getting Credit Card Sales directly from DOTmed.com. Not Familiar with PayPal or Stripe? Click here to check it out.

Extra Large Images on Listings

Now when you upload images they get saved at a larger size. When someone clicks on the image on your listing it will pop up much larger than before allowing your customers to see your items in more detail. Old Image Size Vs. New Large Image Size

Personal Master Dashboard

Keeping track of all your listings - and all the offers and emails your listings generate - is now right at your fingertips. Take a look at our Personal Master Dashboard to see how easy it is to keep an eye on your DOTmed business: Click here to view a sample dashboard, or click here to see what your dashboard would look like.

Automatic Listing Generator Template

Upload your inventory data in our Listing Generator Template format (essentially a customized Excel file) and it will automatically generate live listings on DOTmed. Easy for you, faster for you, less work for you, more listings for you! See it in action here.

Videos on Listings

Embed a Youtube video or upload a video of your own showcasing the use, condition and any features of the equipment you want to highlight and have the video show on your listing.

Dealer2Dealer Pricing & Friend Pricing

This feature lets you, as a professional courtesy, post special Dealer2Dealer pricing and/or 'Friend Pricing' in any listing. When you do, a red price tag with the word "Special" will appear in your listing. That red price tag will only be visible to other registered dealers who are logged-on to DOTmed, and it tells them to click on your listing to see the special prices.

Additional Webstore User

Every Elite Level package comes with a WebStore. Since many Elite Dealers have multiple sales people, we allow additional employees who have our Pro Upgrade ($50/month) to post to your Company WebStore. There are two options for doing this. 1.) They can purchase ALL the features of the Enterprise Upgrade for just $100 a month additional this includes shared listings; or; 2.) If they don't want all the Enterprise features, they can purchase WebStore posting privileges for $75 a month additional. See a features comparison chart here, (It would cost $100/month if they purchased a WebStore on their own.)

Postings by Additional WebStore Users appear in your company's main WebStore, but have the poster's Name & Contact Info. To make it easy for your Sales Manager to track your sales activity company-wide, you also get a free Sales Command Center with one or more Additional WebStore Users. See an example here.

Access the Blue Book, Blog space & Rental/lease-only listings

Offered only to the Premium, Enterprise and Ultimate Package holders are the Blue Book, Blog space, and rental/lease-only listings features.

The Blue Book gives you access to a database of over 32,000 successfully sold items (more added every day) and the blog provides you the oppurtunity to share your thoughts and wisdom with others on DOTmed.

eBay Sync

Sync your listings from eBay with DOTmed once a month. Your eBay store will be brought over to DOTmed and listings created if they do not already exist.

Alternate Contact on Listings

Show your skype, twitter, whatsapp handles. You can also add an alternate phone number as well.

Email Relay

Add up to three additional email addresses that will receive Listing/Virtual Trade Show leads.

Gate Questions

Add up to four additional questions that buyers will answer when inquiring about one of your listings. Select if you want only Healthcare provider leads, or leads only from certain countries to save your time and get the leads you want.

Direct Messenger - Chat with us and other users, in real time!

Direct Messenger allows Elite level users to message and communicate in real other elite users and allow any DOTmed visitor to chat with them. The feature is accessible on every page of the desktop site; You can chat on the mobile site and on the mobile DOTmed app as well. As an upgraded user, Direct Messenger will be available on every page you visit on DOTmed so you can chat with anyone at anytime. Chat also keeps a log of the other Elite Level users you've communicated with in case you need to revisit a conversation quickly.

Now visitors, registered users, anyone on DOTmed can chat with you about your "for sale" and "wanted" listings in real-time. Think of how many more sales you can close when you can instantly answer a buyer's or seller's questions and satisfy their needs on the spot.

Direct Messenger for your website - Powered by DOTmed

Here's how it works: Copy and paste the Live Help! code on your website. When you log onto DOTmed and are logged into DM Messenger, the Live Help! icon on your website becomes active too. To visitors on your website, Live Help! will look and feel like you own it. Any visitor to your website can chat with you. Click here to find out more.

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This box can show up anywhere you want on your own website as well as in every listing on DOTmed
Elite level
Enterprise Package Ultimate Package
Prices $220 $330
Equipment Listings Allowed 500 600
Parts Listings Allowed 5000 6000
Photos Allowed 20 25
Extra Large Photos Yes Yes
Video in Listings Yes Yes
Search Return Weight 9 10
Renew Period 8 Days 6 Days
WebStore Included Yes Yes
Guest Emails Yes Yes
User Emails Yes Yes
Company Name & Phone Number Yes Yes
Sales Persons Name Listed Yes Optional
Blue Book Access Yes Yes
Blog Space Yes Yes
Rental/Lease Only Listings Yes Yes
Featured Listing Credits 20 30
Bonus Rewards Points 2X 2.5X
Elite Upgrade Selling Tools
Enterprise Package Ultimate Package
Buy Now Button* Yes Yes
Master Dashboard Yes Yes
DM Messenger Yes Yes
DM Messenger on your website Yes Yes
Listing Upload Tool Yes Yes
Auto Renewing Listings No Yes
Automatic Listing Transfer** No Yes
eBay Sync Every MonthDaily
Email Relay YesYes
Alternate Contact
Gate Questions YesYes
Geo-Target Listings NoYes
Key Virtual Trade Show Features
Enterprise Package Ultimate Package
VTS Categories 100 150
Infinite Company Page Yes Yes
VTS Followers Allowed Yes Yes
VTS Follower Emails 1 per week 1 per week
Employees Listed Unlimited w/Photos Unlimited w/Photos
Posting HotDOTS Yes Yes
Enterprise Package Ultimate Package
Sales Command Center Yes Yes
Extra Upgraded User Upgrade additional WebStore user + 200 shared listings - $75/month Upgrade additional WebStore user + 200 shared listings - $75/month
Extra Upgraded User Purchase ALL Enterprise Features for Additional User + 300 shared listings for $100/month Purchase ALL Ultimate Features for Additional User + 400 shared listings $150/month
*You must have and link your paypal and or Stripe account to add Buy Now buttons
*User must provide data in our format, see details here.*