Elite Packages




Dealer2Dealer Package Highlights

The Dealer2Dealer Package starts with 400 Pro Upgraded Listings, and include at no extra cost a Premium Virtual Trade Show Booth, and a Company WebStore.

The D2D Package is recommended for dealers who sell and service high-value equipment. See the key features below and all the features in the Upgrade Center Upgrade Center.

A few key differences between the D2D upgrade and your current WebStore are:

  • You can now add up to 10 photos per listing vs. 3 in the past.
  • You can renew your listings every 10 days instead of 15. This is a huge advantage.
  • This package comes with 400 total listings vs. 300. More listings = more leads.
  • You can choose 75 categories/modalities under the Virtual Trade Show vs. 50.
  • You get double advertising rewards points, explained more below.
  • Your listings have a higher search weight of 9/10.

Dealer2Dealer Instant Messaging

Time is money. That's why we're offering D2D instant messaging. Now you can chat in real-time with your DOTmed Friends who also have the D2D Upgrade. When you're both logged-on, you can instantly get a price, ask a question, and get more done faster - and even make plans for the weekend ahead. On the right is a typical IM chat window and roster. Click here for more information

Additional Instant Messaging Users

You can purchase additional Instant Messaging privileges for other employees, such as your Office Manager or Secretary for $20 a month. All the people on your roster will appear on their roster. This is recommended if you want to be sure someone is online all day to receive and send important IMs.

Dealer2Dealer Pricing & Friend Pricing

This feature lets you, as a professional courtesy, post special Dealer2Dealer pricing and/or 'Friend Pricing' in any listing. When you do, a red price tag with the word "Special" will appear in your listing. That red price tag will only be visible to other registered dealers who are logged-on to DOTmed, and it tells them to click on your listing to see the special prices.

Dealer2Dealer Forums

These new forums provide an easy way for you to communicate with your fellow dealers and resellers, and let them know what you have to sell, or what you're looking to buy. The forums are equipment-specific, so if you're business is CT Scanners, we have the forum that's right for you. Any dealer with Pro Upgraded Listings or better can post to these forums - however, all dealers can see them. The DOTmed Equipment Categories you opt-in to will be the only Forums you see. If you have something sell, something to say, or need some help, it's a fast an easy way to reach out to all your peers on DOTmed.

Personal Master Dashboard

Keeping track of all your listings - and all the offers and emails your listings generate - is now right at your fingertips. Take a look at our Personal Master Dashboard to see how easy it is to keep an eye on your DOTmed business: Click here to view a sample dashboard, or click here to see what your dashboard would look like.

Automatic Listing Generator Template

Upload your inventory data in our Listing Generator Template format (essentially a customized Excel file) and it will automatically generate live listings on DOTmed. Easy for you, faster for you, less work for you, more listings for you! See it in action here.

Videos on Listings

Embed a Youtube video or upload a video of your own showcasing the use, condition and any features of the equipment you want to highlight and have the video show on your listing.

Additional WebStore Users (includes a free Sales Command Center)

Every Elite Level package comes with a WebStore. Since many Elite Dealers have multiple sales people, we allow additional employees who have our Pro Upgrade to post to your Company WebStore. There are two options for doing this. 1.) They can purchase ALL the features of D2D Upgrade for just $40 a month. 2.) If they don't want all the D2D features, they can purchase WebStore posting privileges only for $20 a month. See a features comparison chart here, (It would cost$120/month if they purchased a WebStore on their own.) Postings by Additional WebStore Users appear in your company's main WebStore, but have the poster's Name & Contact Info. To make it easy for your Sales Manager to track your sales activity company-wide, you also get a free Sales Command Center with one or more Additional WebStore Users. See an example here
Elite Level
D2D PackageD2C PackageEnterprise Package
Prices $165$175$200
Listings Allowed 400400500
Photos Allowed 101020
Search Return Weight 9910
Re-Post Period 10 Days10 Days8 Days
Guest Emails YesYesYes
User Emails YesYesYes
Name, Co. Ph. YesYesYes
Bold Text & Border YesYesYes
Blue Background YesYesYes
Videos on Listings YesYesYes
Key VTS Features
D2D PackageD2C PackageEnterprise Package
VTS Categories 7575100
Priority Placement Before All StandardBefore All StandardBefore All Standard
Piggyback WebStore Yes/$70Yes/$70Yes/$70
Infinite Page YesYesYes
Employees Listed Unlimited w/PhotosUnlimited w/PhotosUnlimited w/Photos
Elite Features
D2D PackageD2C PackageEnterprise Package
Personal Master Dashboard YesYesYes
WebStore Included YesYesYes
Sales Command Center Yes w/Additional WebStoreYes w/Additional WebStoreYes w/Additional WebStore
Auto Listing Upload YesYesYes
D2D Instant Messaging Yes Yes
D2D Instant Messaging Add-Ons Yes ($20/month)n/aYes ($20/month)
D2D - Friend Pricing Yes Yes
Live Help! in listings  YesYes
Live Help! on your WebSite  YesYes
PayPal  YesYes
Post to Dealer Forums YesYesYes
Bonus Rewards Points 2X2X2X
D2D PackageD2C PackageEnterprise Package
Option #1 - Option #1 Must have Pro Upgrade - $50/month Purchase ALL D2D Features for and Additional User - 400 listing $40/month Purchase ALL D2D Features for an Additional User - 400 listings $50/month Purchase ALL Enterprise Features for an Additional User - 500 listings $50/month
Option #2 Must have Pro Upgrade - $50/month Purchase only WebStore posting privileges - $20/month - 200 listings comes with Instant Messaging Purchase only WebStore posting privileges - $20/month - 200 listings DOES NOT come with Live Help! Purchase only WebStore posting privileges- $20/month - 200 listings comes with Instant Messaging
Click here to compare options #1 and #2
Option #3 Non-Pro Upgraded - e.g. Office Manager Instant Messaging only - $20/month   Instant Messaging only - $20/month
D2D PackageD2C PackageEnterprise Package
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