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Cyber Security

Whistleblower reveals secret Google-Ascension healthcare data deal
Revelation prompted statements from both companies, asserting no HIPAA violations
Texas state agency to pay $1.6 million for HIPAA violation
Breaching of ePHI belonging to 6,617 people
ECS awarded $116 million contract to modernize IT of Military Health System
Provides medical care to 9.4 million military families and veterans
What the NotPetya malware strike showed the healthcare industry
Merck lost 15,000 Windows systems in 90 seconds, and $870 million
The Brooklyn Hospital Center hit by hackers
The latest in an ongoing string of healthcare facility attacks
Radiology, HealthOps, and the question of cybersecurity
Insights from Safi Oranski, vice president of business development at CyberMDX
Data-scrubbed brain MR scans may still expose patient identity
The risk of facial recognition software combined with public research databases
MITA publishes new standard for medical device security
Calls for sharing standardized information on security control features within devices
Small healthcare groups slammed by ransomware, too
New examples prove that it is no longer just the major health systems being targeted
Hospitals in Alabama pay hackers after ransomware attack
DCH System hospitals are still struggling to return to treating patients
More than 70 percent of hospital breaches create potential for identity theft or fraud
Includes sensitive demographic or financial information, says study
Imaging data is unprotected online: Five takeaways from ProPublica report
More than 16 million images and records easily accessible online
Patient record breaches in 2019 already double the total from last year
Report finds almost 32 million patient record breaches, compared to 15 million in 2018
Browser beware: Study uncovers data leaks that could impact health IT
Chrome and Firefox extensions may cause vulnerability
Vulnerabilities found in infusion pump firmware
Could enable dose or infusion rate manipulation
Enterprise content management (ECM) systems are the rise
Offering better data security, market may exceed $1.3 billion by 2023
Financial details of nearly 12 million patients at risk following AMCA breach
Includes social security numbers, credit cards and medical information
Lack of AI security puts IoT medical devices in danger of cyberattacks
New report highlights evolving risks in healthcare