DMBN Web Exclusive: PET vs. SPECT in CAD detection

by Olga Deshchenko, DOTmed News Reporter | June 27, 2011

Were you expecting to see such results or were you surprised by any of the study's findings?

Dr. Maddahi: We were not surprised. The results were in line with what we expected based on this agent’s properties and our earlier preliminary findings.

Currently, SPECT is the leading modality for the detection of cardiovascular disease. What are the advantages of MPI with PET? If and when this agent is approved, do you think PET will rival or outpace SPECT in this imaging area?

Dr. Maddahi: It is well documented that PET MPI with the currently approved agents (such as rubidium-82 and N-13 ammonia) is superior to SPECT because of better image quality, faster imaging protocols, higher diagnostic performance, and the ability to quantify myocardial blood flow. As I stated earlier, PET MPI with flurpiridaz F 18 has the potential to be more desirable than these current PET agents.

If flurpiridaz F 18 is approved, we believe that PET will ultimately outpace SPECT in cardiac imaging. But, we should not lose sight of the fact that we have a long road ahead, with much research and development, to accomplish this goal.

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