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July's New Product Showcase

July 02, 2013
From the July 2013 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine
To view these products online, visit dotmed.com and enter DM21367 into the search window. Have a new product? Email your press release to pr@dotmed.com. For a chance to be included in the New Product Showcase, include a high resolution shot of the product.

Negative pressure wound therapy device
Innovative Therapies, Inc. recently introduced Quantum. It is the first fully-loaded negative pressure wound therapy device with simultaneous irrigation, providing continuous healing for patients. Beyond a technological advancement, Quantum offers a new form of innovation for wound care – a cost-efficient purchase model in which hospitals pay only for therapy hours used versus the industry-standard rental model.

Therapy hours are preloaded onto Quantum based on hospital and outpatient needs, offering a seamless hospital-to-home system, helping to minimize cross-contamination.

VaproQuip Decontamination Room
STERIS Corporation has launched The VaproQuip Decontamination Room for use with noncritical items such as equipment, furniture and other environmental surfaces. The room system is designed for the application of Vaprox Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilant which can be used as part of a cleaning and decontamination program to destroy pathogens on environmental surfaces.

The process leaves no residue and no lingering odor. It has excellent compatibility with a wide variety of materials. In addition, the VaproQuip Decontamination Room offers a validated decontamination process: its fully automated and monitored process is designed to provide a six log microbial reduction on environmental surfaces.

The MAMMOMAT Inspiration Prime Edition
Siemens Healthcare’s MAMMOMAT Inspiration Prime Edition is the first mammography system that lowers patient dose up to 30 percent without compromising image quality. It is intended to lower dose by replacing the standard scatter radiation grid with a new algorithm for progressive image reconstruction. This new algorithm is intended to identify scatter-causing structures and calculates a corrected image, enabling complete use of primary radiation.

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