4 things to consider when purchasing recertified equipment

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4 things to consider when purchasing recertified equipment

October 14, 2013

4.) How can you make sure you are purchasing truly recertified equipment?

To ensure you purchase recertified equipment from a trustworthy and professional biomedical refurbishing facility, make sure to ask these five questions. Don't be afraid to push for answers and expect satisfactory responses before making a purchase.

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1.) How were the biomedical engineers trained on the equipment they are refurbishing?
2.) Is the company you are buying the equipment from licensed and bonded?
3.) Does the refurbishing company offer a warranty and service support on the products they supply?
4.) What steps are they taking to recertify equipment? There should be a full system check out and validation and documentation of all test parameters.
5.) Do they support their own products and do they have parts and service capabilities?

On a final note, it is always worthwhile to get references when purchasing recertified equipment.

In close, recertified EMS equipment for hospitals, surgical centers, and medical facilities offers great financial benefits especially in an ever-changing healthcare market where budgets are getting smaller and organizations can't afford to splurge like they use to. The number one difference between recertified equipment and new equipment is cost. Why buy one unit when you can have two at the same price?

Frank is the Director of Biomedical Operations for DXE Medical, a Sarnova company. He has an extensive background in the biomedical industry and has previously worked for GE and Thermo-Fisher Scientific.

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