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The "must-have" of mobility

December 12, 2013
From the December 2013 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

Integrated organizations are taking advantage of ICT collaboration to extend the EMR’s benefits — to reach patients wherever/whenever they need treatment, with virtual care delivery — at a fraction of the cost. It’s a triple LEAN: improve quality, reduce cost, improve health. And by sharing information with patients and families, we can improve outcomes further, for example, by sending lab data directly to patients. It’s not only more efficient, it’s empowering. One study found that access to doctors’ notes in their EMRs resulted in 80 percent of patients feeling empowered and 70 percent improvement in medication compliance*.

So with mobile technology comes new thinking about collaboration and EMR. Virtual services are less costly. But they allow more people to be served, more conveniently and efficiently. So the question becomes, how can we deliver the most value and the highest quality of care, accessible to the most people? Mobile technologies will help us find the answer.

*Delbanco, Tom MD, Inviting Patients to Read Their Doctors' Notes: A Quasi-experimental Study and a Look Ahead, Annals of Internal Medicine, Oct. 2, 2012,

About the author: Dr. Mark Blatt joined Intel in 2000. In his role as worldwide medical director, he concentrates on how HIT infrastructure can enable providers to deliver cost effective, quality care to all citizens. He has a particular interest in integrated care delivery, mobile point of care, secure computing and the emergence of cloud services.

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