More bang for your buck: Special Procedures

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More bang for your buck: Special Procedures

by Lisa Chamoff, Contributing Reporter | March 30, 2015
From the March 2015 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

When buying refurbished cath/angio labs, Ebel advises facilities to check out any company providing and/or installing the equipment. “It’s probably worth going to visit a previous job that they’ve completed just to make sure that the system is running well,” Ebel says. “When purchasing refurbished cath/angio labs, especially with today’s digital flat detector systems, a facility is making a substantial capital investment.”

Getting a service contract is especially important when purchasing refurbished cath/ angio equipment. “You lose the detector on a digital system, it might cost you as much as you paid for an entire system,” Ebel says.


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There’s also a growing aftermarket for used flat panel detectors, says Dale Cover Jr., president and chief operating officer of the Radiological Service Training Institute, which provides training for service engineers and refurbished parts through a division called RSTI Exchange. If a flat panel detector dies and a facility doesn’t have it in the capital budget to replace the machine for another few years, they can replace the detector with a used one for half the price.

“They might want to wait a couple of years to get newest technology,” Cover says. Facilities should always make sure the refurbished detector has been tested and still meets manufacturer specifications, Cover says.

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