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Q&A with David Brown, chair of SIIM

by Sean Ruck, Contributing Editor | April 13, 2015
David Brown
From the April 2015 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

David Brown, CIIP at Kaiser Permanente Information Technology and chair of SIIM will begin his second and final year in the position with this society in July. HealthCare Business News spoke with him to get an update on how his time as chair has worked out and to find out how he got where he is today.

HCBN: How did you get involved with health care?
Basically, when I was in college and having to choose a career path, I looked at different options knowing my skills and decided health care would be a good choice for me. Because if I stayed in that vocation for the full spectrum of my life, I wanted to be able to look back and see that my work benefitted society in some meaningful way, that what I did was, in concept, good for society. So I looked around and landed on nuclear medicine.

HCBN: How did you get involved with SIIM?
When SIIM was establishing a professional certification (CIIP) for PACS, a request was made to the PACS community. Anyone interested in participating in the development of the certification, or joining a SIIM committee, should notify SIIM. Being an advocate of professional certification, I reached out to SIIM and was accepted into the Publications Committee.

HCBN: What are some reasons that a professional should consider becoming a SIIM member?
If a professional is interested in imaging informatics, then there is no better community than SIIM. SIIM brings together a dynamic group of professionals who are engaged in advancing the field of imaging informatics, and educating others on new ways of doing things. SIIM membership provides increased access to educational materials, and networking opportunities.

HCBN: With a year under your belt as SIIM chair, what do you feel has been your greatest accomplishment?
My greatest personal accomplishment this past year has been to learn what it takes to be the board chair of a professional society. While this does not sound like much, I would like to shine a spotlight on this experience to inspire other CIIPs who are emerging as leaders within their organizations, and entering into untested waters. It is through study and doing that one learns, andit is through learning that one is able to achieve more. I encourage CIIPs to step out beyond whatever comfort zone exists in their professional and work life, and become more engaged. SIIM provides such an opportunity, and is available to all who are interested in getting more involved.

Now going back to your original question — this question is best answered by first acknowledging that the work accomplished this past year was due to the contributions of many, and not just one person. I will answer this question as the chief representative of the SIIM Board.

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